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Safe and ergonomically designed, senior-friendly, To fit all your riding needs

Espin’s ebikes helps you improve posture, protect your joints, and lead the industry in durability.

Choose the best step-through ebike for you


Folding fat tire ebike
All-terrain technology
40*2 miles
25 mph top speed
Rider height: 5'2" to 6'3"


Light weight ebike
Commuter & Light Trail
50 miles
20 mph top speed
Rider height: 5'2" to 6'4"


Fat tire ebike
All-terrain technology
50 miles
25 mph top speed
Rider height: 5'4" to 6'4"

Specialized ebikes for a totally effortless ride

US Engineered

No cheap patchwork of wholesale parts: every bike is meticulously designed for quality & shipped straight from California.


Don’t worry about expensive add-ons: every Premium Espin e-Bike comes with racks, fenders, and lights for a convenient, ready-to-ride experience.

Posture Improving

Espin’s step-through models feature a posture-supporting riding position, allowing riders to enjoy better balance and less strain on the neck, hips, and back.

Extended Warranty

Guaranteed 12-month warranty on all components barring regular wear-and-tear, and extended 3-year warranty on e-Bike frames.

Other e-Bikes Make Your Experience An Afterthought

As the only e-Bike company fully dedicated and focused on serving our 50+ community, Espin handles every detail for you: from top-of-the-line components to custom features designed to support your body while you ride.
  • A premium battery (the kind used in Teslas)
  • Espin custom motor & controller
  • Gorgeous, streamlined design
  • Unparalleled strength: from screws to frame to motor
  • Easy, step-through frames
  • More comfortable than other e-bikes

Other e-Bikes

  • Cheaply made, mix & match components
  • Bulky, generic frames
  • Weak attachment points
  • Unreliable batteries
  • Take existing bike models & market to a senior audience

Highly reliable after-sales service

We provide every customer with after-sales service to extend the life of your electric bike.

  • All Espin ebikes can be easily serviced at any REI in the US
  • Premium Bundles include both front and rear racks, fenders, and lights

Get ready for the most comfortable and reliable bike ride of your life.


All Espin e-Bikes come with a comprehensive 12-month warranty so you can buy with confidence.


All Espin e-Bikes come 95% assembled. All you need to do is put on the finishing touches.


We offer free shipping to 48 states in the US (excluding Alaska and Hawaii), delivered directly to your door.


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