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Carrying a Spare e-Bike Battery

Posted by Yina Liu on
Carrying a Spare e-Bike Battery

There are a huge number of reasons why people choose an eBike over a traditional bike, including the obvious benefits of having an electric motor such as not needing to pedal. But if you look at the list of reasons people choose an eBike, a few stick out as the most common.

They reduce the impact of the ride on your body by taking the effort out of cycling. eBikes don’t put a strain on your legs and you don’t need to get out of breath to move along. You don’t have to worry about fitting in a ride before work or on your day off.

They make cycling much easier, especially if you live up a hill or have trouble getting around on a traditional bike. You can travel further distances and worry less about hills, but with all its benefits, one challenge remains: battery life. 

Bridging the Gap in eBikes: Carrying a Spare eBike Battery on Your Travels

A lot of the time, you probably won’t be able to cycle back home before the battery dies, so the question becomes, how can you keep cycling?

The solution is to carry a spare eBike battery, and lots of eBike owners do. There are several ways to carry a spare battery so you’re ready when you need it, and here are different ways you can bring an extra battery wherever the road takes you:

  1. Rear Packs

One common way to carry a spare eBike battery is in the form of a pack. A lot of the time, these will be designed specifically for the battery pack and can secure the e-bike battery in place, while also carrying other items.

Tool packs, picnic gear, and even toolboxes can all be carried on the rear rack or in a backpack, giving you the extra power you need to take the weight off your legs and get to your destination.

  1. Rear Seat Packs

If you’re not carrying a second person, then you may want to consider a rear seat pack to help you carry extra tools, an extra battery, and even food and water. They have a good capacity without too much weight and are often great for carrying more than just tools for your e-bike.

  1. Frame Mounted Bags

These bags are designed to fit your bike right on the frame. They’re great for carrying heavy or bulky items, such as electric bike batteries, with the weight being spread across the frame of the bike. They’re also great for carrying your everyday items while you’re out cycling.

  1. Electric Bike Backpacks

Electric bike backpacks are great for carrying all sorts of items, including your spare battery. They’re designed specifically to carry heavy items and to keep them secure while you’re riding. They’re designed to keep the load in place so it doesn’t slip or fall out, keeping you and your gear safe.

The Bottom Line: Reach Greater Distances with an Extra eBike Battery

Carrying an eBike battery with you wherever you go makes an eBike more convenient. With less need to worry about running out of power, you can enjoy all the benefits of eBikes, including the freedom of riding wherever you want whenever you want.

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