How Bike Tariffs Are Impacting the eBike Community

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Across America, electric bike prices have been affected by not only recent increases in tariffs on goods imported from China, but also increased shipping costs, and a scarcity of bike parts due to an ongoing worldwide spike in demand. 

Although our COGS have increased by over 25% this year, at Espin Bikes we have done our best to not let these outside factors affect our prices to you, the consumer. To achieve this, we have spent the last few months finding alternative part sources, standardizing components, and streamlining our production process. We have managed to succeed in these areas without ever compromising our renowned Espin quality and with only modest increases to prices this year to accommodate the new features on our 2021 models.

At Espin, we believe democratizing innovation in sustainability is the best way for us to drive impact as a community. And that leaving lighter foot prints on earth should also be light on your pockets. In order to do this, we work hard every day to ensure the best possible quality at affordable prices. 

As a young, family-owned and operated business, the increased costs and shipping delays hurt us a little harder than a bigger corporation with outside funding, but know that you’re the reason why we’re in this business in the first place. As a company, we will continue to be committed to keeping you informed, to keeping our prices affordable, to respond to your wishes and suggestions with the briefest possible delay while learning from them, and most of all, to care for our growing Espin family. 

Thank you for your understanding and loyalty as we navigate through this year. We are very optimistic about our future and are excited to share some exciting new products with you soon!

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