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Great experiences is at the heart of what we do and that means we give you a variety of support options so you can put your mind and ride at ease. 

Shipping, Returns & Cancellation


Ship to Door

  • Free Shipping (To lower 48 States only)
  • DIY Assembly
  • Delivery within 5-7 business days (when in stock)

Shipping Method

Your Espin Bike will be shipped directly to the address listed at no additional cost. Though our bikes come 95% assembled out of the box, we strongly encourage you to work with a professional mechanic to assemble it if you are not comfortable doing it yourself.

Lost or Stolen Shipments

Espin is not liable for lost or stolen products. We encourage our customers to purchase our shipping warranty if they have concerns. If your shipment has been lost in transit or stolen, please contact the shipping provider immediately to file a claim. 

If your question about online orders has not been answered above, please call (888) 496-4712 or email

Returns and Cancellation

Espin Return Policy

Espin E-Bikes allows you to return your purchased ebike by mail for a period of 14 days from the date of receipt at no cost to you.

In order to process a return, you must email us at and confirm your return with us within 14 days of receipt.

  • If you want to cancel your order before your order has shipped, your order will be subject to a 3% processing fee.
  • After 14 days, your return will be subject to a fee of $175 for shipping, plus a 20% restocking fee and 3% processing fee, which will be deducted from your refund.
  • No returns will be accepted after 30 days except for in extreme cases of malfunction.

Upon receipt, Espin E-Bikes will assess the e-bike for damages. To be eligible for a return, the e-bike must have less than ten (10) miles on the odometer and be free of any wear and tear, scratches, dirt, dust, odor, or any other sign of use. The e-bike must be in the original packaging and condition. The returned package must include all items that were inside the box, including chargers, keys, lights, racks, hardware, etc. 

If the e-bike is returned damaged, the cost of the damage will be deducted from your refund. If the e-bike has more than ten (10) miles on the odometer, the return will be subject to a fee of $174 for shipping plus a 20% restocking fee and 3% processing fee, which will be deducted from your refund. 

Do not send any returns without the authorization of Espin E-Bikes. Any returns sent without written authorization from Espin E-Bikes will be deemed invalid and ineligible for a refund.

Espin E-Bikes will not issue a refund or credit until we are in possession of the returned item(s). Refunds will be issued within 2 weeks (14 business days) of receipt of the item.

Accessories are not eligible for returns or refunds except for in the case of extreme malfunction.

Promotional Price Match Policy:

Espin will not price match sale or promotion prices for orders created more than 7 days before the beginning of a promotion, or 7 days after the end of a promotion.

Order Cancellation:

Any order can be cancelled for a refund as long as the bike has not been shipped. Refunds before shipping will be subject to a 3% processing fee. This is a processing fee that we cannot get back.

Cancellations after shipping:

Any order cancelled after it has been shipped will be treated as a return rather than a cancellation, as the order is already in transit. Therefore, a $175 return shipping fee will be withheld from your refund, which will not be processed until the package has returned to us.

Refused Shipments:

We cannot intercept, cancel, stop, or change orders that have already been shipped. If you refuse a package that you asked to be shipped, we reserve the right to charge a $75 flat fee per e-bike to partially cover our shipping and return costs.  If you refuse the package, it will be treated as a return once it arrives back at our fulfillment facility, and you will be issued a full refund, minus the shipping fees.

Dealer Returns: 

Espin does not accept returns of e-bikes purchased from our dealers or third-party sources. Our sellers set their own return policies and procedures. Please contact the place of purchase to learn more about their individual return policy.

Battery Returns:

Due to return shipping carrier restrictions, batteries are non-returnable. High-capacity lithium-ion battery shipping restrictions prohibit customers' ability to return batteries via shipping carriers.

If you have any other questions, please call (888) 496-4712 or email

Frequently Asked Questions

Popular Questions

What is the difference between Espin's Sport and Flow electric bikes? 

The Sport comes in a 17 inch diamond frame and is for riders looking for a more sporty and aggressive riding style.

The Flow is a European inspired design built for the urban commuter who wants to zip through traffic and ride comfortably. It has an elegant 17” step-through frame that allows you to mount and dismount easily and safely anytime you want.

Can I ride my Espin pedal-assist electric bike in the rain?

Yes, we have waterproofed all the wiring and electrical connections so it can withstand rain. Of course, one should not let the bike just completely soak in the rain if possible, but there is no need to worry about riding in rain.

How much does an Espin pedal-assist electric bike weigh?

Each model has a different weight. Please review the product page for the specific model to find the weight of the bike.

What type of brakes does the Espin pedal-assist electric bike have?

The Espin pedal-assist eBike has 160 mm dual piston hydraulic disc brakes for both the front and rear wheels.

What type of saddle does an Espin pedal-assist electric bike have?

Espin pedal-assist eBikes come equipped with the Selle Royal Freeway saddle with a soft-touch cover and shape memory. Our saddles use slow fit foam which is a visco-elastic material that molds to the rider’s body and guarantees a uniform weight distribution. Our saddles also reduce shock and vibrations to give you the most comfortable ride.

What are Espin frames made of?

Espin pedal-assist eBikes are made from 6061 aerospace grade aluminum alloy.

What is the maximum recommended weight limit?

The recommended maximum weight limit is ~275 to 300 pounds depending on the model.

Can I assemble it myself?

Yes! The assembly takes less than 15 minutes and we even provide all the tools you need. If you run into any issues, you can follow along in the assembly video:

Why am I receiving different parts than expected?

Due to the shortage of supplies, certain parts may be different from what is listed on the spec list. In order to ensure that we get you riding on your new Espin bike as soon as possible, we've had to replace certain parts with other brands of a similar level. Potential parts that may be affected are the tires and derailleur.

Technical and Maintenance

How do I maintain the life of the battery?

Please make sure to charge the battery once every 3 months if it is not being used for an extended period of time. This will help maintain the life of the battery. Failure to do so will result in a loss of range per charge.

What is the range on a single charge?

Each Espin Bikes has a different range. Please refer to the specific model's product page to find the range of the battery.

How long does the battery take to fully charge?

A full charge takes approximately 6 hours. The battery is detachable from the frame so you can easily charge the battery when you are at home, work or even while you are sitting at a coffee shop.

How long until a battery needs to be replaced?

The battery is expected to last about 2-4 years or around 500 charge cycles.

What is the max speed?

All Espin Bikes have different top speeds. Please refer to the product page of the specific model to find the top speed.

What type of tires does Espin use?

Espin pedal-assist eBikes use Kenda Kwest 26 x 1.95 tires with reflective strips for safer night riding. These are solid tires that are ideal for city riding. Soft enough to give you a comfortable ride yet hard and thick enough to handle sharp turns and not get interrupted by small sharp objects.

What maintenance is required?

Maintenance is exactly the same as a regular bike other than the four main electrical components: battery, motor, controller, display. You should do basic tune-ups on your bike after the first 100 miles. Regular tire pressure checking is important as you want to keep your tires inflated for maximum riding comfort. Other than that, the electrical components should require minimal maintenance and if any issues arise, please follow the instructions to diagnose the issue, which will be included in the user manual. If you are still unable to fix the problem, please submit a warranty claim and we will process your claim as soon as we can as we understand you want to get back on the road as quickly as possible.

Can an Espin be serviced at any bicycle shop?

Yes, any bicycle shop can make repairs on your bike. If you would like recommendations for bicycle shops in your area, our customer support team would be glad to assist you.

About Electric Bikes

What is an electric bike (e-bike) and what makes it different from a regular bike?

An electric bike is just like a regular bike, except for 4 main electrical components: the battery, motor, controller and display. Other than that, it will function and ride just like a normal bicycle. 

The Espin eBike is a pedal assist bike, which uses the motor to increase the power created when you pedal. So it rides and turns just like a regular bike, it just makes riding easier, especially uphill.

What is the difference between Espin's Sport and Flow electric bikes? 

No, federal law treats electric bicycles just like normal bicycles as long as they are limited to 20 mph while being powered by the motor and has less than 750 watts of power. Each state has different speed restrictions so you should check your DMV for additional information. California has categorized electric bikes into 3 tiers:

  • Tier 1 – pedal assist bikes with a max speed of 20 mph and less than 750 watts of power
  • Tier 2 – Throttle on demand bikes that have a max speed of 20 mph and less than 750 watts of power
  • Tier 3– “speed pedelec” bikes with a max speed of 28 mph and less than 750 watts of power

Espin pedal-assist eBikes are Tier 3 electric bikes, except for the Flow which comes set as Tier 2.

If there is anything that wasn't answered, please email us at and we will get back to you shortly!

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Owner's Manual

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Every Espin pedal-assist e-bike comes with a 12-month warranty for all components and a 3-year warranty for the frame.

The warranty only applies to the original owner of the Espin e-bike. Warranties cannot be transferred to or claimed by secondhand owners under any circumstances. Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, failures due to abuse, neglect, improper or unapproved repairs, improper maintenance, modification or accidents.

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