Common Causes of Hip and Butt Pain while Riding E-Bikes

Common Causes of Hip and Butt Pain while Riding E-Bikes

Riding your ebike to work is quite convenient and can even act as a quick morning workout. However, when you're cycling for quite some time, you can't help but feel some pain or discomfort on your hips and backside. This is one of the few annoying problems that cyclists encounter while on the road. In this guide, the causes of hip and butt pain and how you can avoid it.

Overeating - Cycling can make you hungry and you may need to eat more to fuel the extra energy you need for your daily commute. If you're eating right before a ride you could feel bloated or even weighed down if you're on the road. If you're just starting out and your body isn't used to cycling, you could also feel some discomfort in your hips and behind.

Pedaling - The way you pedal can be causing some pain. When you pedal fast, especially when already going fast, you're putting a lot of pressure on your legs and butt. 

Not Having Your Seat at the Right Height- The seat post can be adjusted on all electric bikes so it's important to make sure yours is not too high or too low. Without proper seat height, in addition to getting some pain, you can also tire quicker or end up injured. 

Bad Posture - Even the best cyclists have bad posture. They tend to lean forward or backward, which puts a lot of pressure on their hips and butt. To avoid this, you should always ensure that you're in the correct posture when riding your bicycle. Keep your back upright and your butt firm by gripping your seat properly. Avoid leaning forward too much as this can cause damage to your lower back.

How to Avoid Hip and Butt Pain While Cycling

Even with the best ebike and a fantastic set of gears, you're still prone to feel some hip and butt pain while riding your bike. This is as a result of the way you're pedaling or your posture. In order to avoid these problems, there are some things that you can do to keep your body in shape.

Adjust Your Seat Height

When adjusting your seat height, the general rule is to make sure the seat is level with your hip when you are standing next to your bike. 

When riding your bike, the ball of your foot should be in the center of the pedal and when you’re at the bottom of a stroke, your leg should be almost fully extended with a slight bend.

When coming to a stop, you will need to come off the seat and stand until you begin moving again. When seated and riding, your toes should just reach the ground. If your feet are able to rest flatly on the ground while you are seated, your seat is too low and should be raised higher. 

A common trick that cyclists use to make standing while seated possible is to stop next to a curb and rest one foot on it while resting the other foot on the pedal.

Once you adjust your seat, take it for a spin and see how it feels, keep adjusting it until your seat positioning is just right.

Do Stretching Exercises Before the Ride

Before getting on your bike, make sure that you do at least 15 minutes of stretching exercises. This will ensure that your muscles are prepared for the adventure ahead. You can also do some squats to improve your posture.

Cycle at a Steady Pace

It's essential that you exercise caution when cycling. Don't cycle too fast or too slow, or worse switch between the too like crazy. If you rush, you're likely to feel some pain in your hips and behind. If you're cycling too slow, you tend to put unnecessary pressure on your knees, which can also cause pain.

Protect your Seat

When you're cycling, you need to protect your seat as much as you can. If you don't, you're going to experience a painful backside due to the pressure or pain when you're on the road. You can get a seat cover that is specially designed for ebike riders or cyclists. This way, you can protect your butt from unnecessary pressure.


As you can see, there are many things that you can do to avoid hip and butt pain while cycling. This is why it's important that you know the causes of hip and butt pain while you're on the road. While your ebike can help relieve some of the pressure by helping you with the pedaling, it's still a good thing to know these tips, so you're always comfortable while cycling.

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