Finding Out What Type of Bike Frame is Best for You

Finding Out What Type of Bike Frame is Best for You

Different people ride bikes with different frames. First-time bike owners like you need to know which frame they’ll need and how to measure the bike’s frame size. With a little help, you can choose a bike frame that is perfect for you.

In the following paragraphs, you will find an overview of different frame types that will assist you in finding the ideal bike or e-bike for you and your riding style.

Low-Step Frame

Dutch bicycles are known for their low-step frames, also known as step-throughs. These frames have very low or no top tubes, giving the rider a simple mounting and dismounting maneuver. They also provide a pleasant, relaxed upright riding position. This design was originally created to accommodate female riders and the more restricting clothing of the time (i.e., long, narrow skirts or dresses).

Cyclists who carry goods, ride in more formal or inflexible apparel, or bike routes with many stops can benefit from this design. Although there is no official standard height for a low-step frame, anything 20 inches or less is commonly considered low-step.

This is best frame to choose if you are older, shorter, or have limited leg mobility as you can still use your bike daily without strain.

Mid-Step Frame

The mid-step frame, a modern hybrid type, sits in the middle of the low- and high-step frames. This design is often known as a mixte or step-through frame. It offers certain distinct advantages like the increased frame strength and stability provided by the top tube, which allows the battery to be integrated into the downtube for e-bikes. This gives the ride a more balanced feel and boosts the rear rack’s weight capacity.

The frame geometry of a mid-step frame is accessible and comfortable. It decreases back strain and puts more of your weight and pressure on the hips and legs. Your visibility is increased by the upright seated position, expanding your sightline and making you more noticeable to others. For mid-step frames, the top tube height ranges from 20 to 30 inches.


High-Step Frame

This is the first modern bike frame design, and it’s sometimes referred to as a diamond frame. It’s inherently the strongest frame structure from an engineering standpoint as it is created by the main and back triangles of the frame. This strength results in a stiffer ride and a slightly sportier geometry, similar to that of a classic road bike.

This design provides the benefit of downtube battery integration for electric bikes, giving them a more stealthy and sleek appearance not normally associated with e-bikes. High-step frame bikes, unsurprisingly, have the largest standover heights of 30 inches or more. They require you to swing your leg over the top tube to mount and disembark.

The high-step structure will be less enticing to those who are less agile. However, it’s a perfect alternative for riders who want a dynamic sensation with all the comforts and quality of Dutch design.


It’s important to have the proper size bike frame in addition to choosing the right frame type for you. You can ask your bike supplier to assist you in determining the proper frame size. They will have the necessary knowledge to pick the right bike for you.

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