How to Correctly Lube Your E-MTB Chain

How to Correctly Lube Your E-MTB Chain

In all the parts of your eBike, the E-MTB chain is among the most important. Unfortunately, it is one of the most battered, too. It gets exposed to mud and grime when the weather is terrible. Naturally, it requires some TLC for it to stay in its best shape.

Ensuring that your E-MTB chain is clean and adequately lubed will ensure better performance and help you avoid costly repairs, too. But how do you do that? In this post, Espin Bikes answers your questions about lubing an E-MTB chain:

“When Do I Need to Oil My E-MTB Chain?”

It depends on your riding habits and the conditions you often ride in. For instance, if you typically ride on clean tarmac, it’s likely that you won’t experience problems that often. You won’t have to worry as much as riders who pedal in the mud daily. Dust, mud, dirt, moisture, and salt all lead to chain wear, so it’s highly recommended that you clean the chain after each ride and apply a new film of lube, too.

“What Oil Is Recommended for My E-MTB Chain?”

You’d be happy to know that there are specific chain lubes that can meet your particular needs, too. For instance, if you need one for dry conditions, there are low viscosity oils that attract less dirt. There are also ones that are more suitable for wet conditions. What you should know then is that it all boils down to your personal choice. You know your riding conditions best, so choose a product that suits your usual riding conditions.

“How Do I Lube My E-MTB Chain?”

Step #1: Clean Your Chain Thoroughly

The oil on your chain attracts dirt and other debris, making the chainless effective. Before reapplying oil, though, you need to get rid of the dirty oil on your chain.

Step #2: Ensure the Drivetrain Is Secured

Most eBike motors have the cranks disengaged from the chainring when the rider pedal backward. You have to secure the crank to the chainring if you wish to rotate the chain without turning the rear wheel. This will ensure that lubing the chain is easier when you do it.

Step #3: Oil the E-MTB Chain

Once the chain is clean, and the drivetrain is secured, you can start oiling the drive chain. Just spin the chain as you apply a drop of lube to every link. Make sure that you lubricate the inner side of the chain and not the outer side. This ensures that oil is distributed evenly inside the rollers where it’s needed.

Step #4: Remove Excess Lube

When your chains have excess oil, that’s going to be a magnet for dust and dirt. It can also increase wear. To avoid this, make sure that you wipe the excess with a dry rag after a few minutes upon oil application.


Proper lubrication of your eBike’s E-MTB chain can help prolong its life and help you avoid problems. The right choice of lubricant and proper application are crucial, though, so make sure that you find the right product and follow the steps discussed above to ensure that you are doing it right. Even the best electric bikes need regular upkeep to maintain optimal performance. So make sure that every single part of the eBike is well taken care of.

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