Choosing the Right Tire Size and Suspension for your Electric Bike

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There are a lot of options when choosing the best electric bike. However, one of the most important factors you need to look at is the type of suspension. Do you want to purchase a full-suspension, front suspension, or no-suspension ebike?

If you’re unsure of what ebike to buy, we can help you out. We’ll discuss how tire size has a great deal of influence on how much suspension you might need and which frame design is best for different applications.

How to pick the right tire size for your ebike?

Choosing on whether you want a regular, fat-tired, or skinny tired ebike is important. It’s not a decision that people should take lightly because it dramatically affects the performance of the ebike. Your best option is to do your own research and ask some questions on different websites and forums.

Having suspension components always means more maintenance. Manufacturers often recommend replacing seals on front forks every year, but you can replace them when they fail. Better wipe off the part of the fork that goes in and out to clean off the mud and grime before you take a ride.

If you want to jump in the air with an ebike, choosing a fat bike without suspension is not the best choice. You will tend to bounce when you land. You need to at least have a front suspension fork for better control.

The front fork does a great job of absorbing most of the landing force, and it will keep the bike stable. When it comes to full-suspension fat bikes, there aren’t many good options in the market. However, jumping without suspension can cause accidents.

When and where should I use no-suspension frames for my ebike?

You can use fixed frames without suspension during cold weather. This is your best option when riding on fat bikes. However, there are cases with bikers that have blown out four fat forks by riding in less than 20°F weather.

It can get a little expensive and annoying since you have to constantly change and repair your bike. Hence, riding in the snow with a fat bike that has no suspension is a good try. Fixed suspension frames are also best for ultralight skinny tired commuters that don’t go more than 20mph. If you go over 20mph, you will really want to have a front suspension for road debris and potholes. But if it's under 200mph, then you don’t really need much.

Can I go over 20mph?

Many bikers often ask if they can go over 20mph. To do so, you need to buy an ebike that is powered and geared to go over 20mph.

95% of the ebike current market are electric bikes that have 20 mph cutoffs, and it’s only been the last year or two that “fast” ebikes made it into the mainstream. Thanks to the new innovations and extra power, it can make riding enjoyable for many people, especially since biking is an eco-friendly way of commuting.


Picking ebikes that have suspension or not affects your safety and speed. It’s best to choose the size of the tire and suspensions based on how you will use the ebike. May this article give you a good idea of the ebike suitable for you.

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