Biking Essentials – The Best Gear for Summer Riding

The summer is upon us and we want to share some of our favorite gear this summer to help you beat the heat, stay cool and keep you riding happily all summer long!



Portable Solar Charges

There is nothing worse than running out of juice on your phone when you finally make it up to that viewpoint ready to take that glorious picture. Don’t worry we got you. Issues like this no longer exist with these portable solar chargers. Simply aim the panel at the sun and all your gadgets will stay fully charged.


Sum Bum Signature Performance Sunscreen

With summer riding we get exposed to dangerous UV rays on every bike ride. It’s important that we protect ourselves, and our favorite this summer is – Sun Bum Signature Performance Sunscreen – SPF 50. This handy little container of premium sunscreen is great for stowing in your Camelbak or pocket to reapply during those long summer rides.



Smith Drake Sunglasses

Another important area that we need to protect from the sun is our eyes, but it serves more than one purpose. A pair of cycling glasses can also serve as a protective barrier against flying objects when riding and who says bicycle glasses can’t look cool? We beg to differ with these Smith Drake shades that come in various colors.


Bell Zephyr Mips

Regardless of how warm it gets, one item that we can never take off is the helmet while riding. For those that are looking for a great summer helmet that hep keep your head cool with great ventilation, we highly recommend the – Bell Zephyr Mips




The heat has its way of draining your energy, so it’s essential that you keep hydrated folks! This Camelbak– can store up to 2.5L water, with two external pockets for small items like keys, wallet and your phone.

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