Cycling Gear Guide Essentials for Commuters

If you’re a bike commuter, there’s more to going to work than just grabbing your bike and hitting the road. We’ve compiled some of the essential bike gear that you need to have a worry free and smooth commute to and from the office and even on your day off.


Light up your ride.

Lights are crucial even if you only plan on biking during the day. You never know if you’ll be caught past dark and even during the day, lights can be a big help to make sure you’re seen by cars. For most bikes, you have to purchase lights and they can set you back $50-$100. Our ESPIN eBikes come stocked with a bright LED headlight and reflective strips on the tires to make sure you’re always seen!

But if you’re looking for something a bit advanced and “smart”, check out the See.Sense Bike Light, it is one of the best new road-sensing bike lights available. Built in sensors feed real-time data to the light which then adjusts brightness and flashing speed accordingly.


Protect your best asset…

A sturdy helmet is obviously a given on the busy San Francisco streets. The Lumos Helmet, for example, is one of the most exciting new helmets on the market! This helmet is a dome-protector that integrates brake, turn signal and front lights into a helmet. Lumos has a built-in accelerometer that detects speed reductions and illuminates the brake lights. And a wireless switch on the handlebars allows you to illuminate turn signals, which is especially helpful at night.


Tools on hand

You never know what can happen on the road! Accidents happen, whether it’s a flat tire or loose screw, you should always be prepared. Whenever you’re out on your bike, be sure to bring a pump, a CO2 cartridge, and a multi-tool with you. ESPIN eBikes come with a multi-tool kit for your convenience and safety! The Specialized Air Tool Flex is a great mini bike pump for any performance or road bike.


Directions, phone calls and pictures…oh my!

While you should be keeping your eyes on the road, a cell phone mount can be helpful if you need to use your GPS or glance down and check the time. As a bicycle commuter, it’s much easier to have your phone accessible instead of feeling the need to pull it out of your pocket or bag to check the time or directions. The COBI smart bike system provides a handlebar mount for your smartphone that connects it to the systems on your bike. It charges your phone, provides weather forecasts, turn by turn voice guidance, and automatic front and rear light wheel collision avoidance.


Be seen and HEARD!

A bike bell may sound like something from old times, but can be a very helpful accessory to alert cars and other cyclists where you are. Of course the ESPIN eBike comes with it’s own bell, but if you’re looking for an exceptionally sexy new bike bell, check out  “Oi,”. Oi combines, fashion with functionality and sounds more like a glockenspiel to alert people, cars and other commuters nearby that you’re ready to pass.


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