How To Tell When Your E-Bike Needs New Tires

How To Tell When Your E-Bike Needs New Tires

Electric bikes are an affordable option for those who would like to travel efficiently through their city in an eco-friendly way. Even though ebikes require less maintenance than cars, they still need the occasional bike tune-up and parts replaced.

One of the most important parts of your electric bicycle is your bike tires, as they are essential to the function of your ebike. Taking proper care of your tires is key to enjoying your e-bike to the fullest extent.

How to Make Electric Bicycle Tires Last Longer

The best way to ensure the longest life out of your tires is to keep them inflated within the recommended pressure range.  All tires have a specific recommended PSI or an allowable pressure range printed on the sidewall of the tires, typically on the drive side of the bike.

If there is a specific PSI listed, then that should be considered the maximum pressure for the tire.  The tire can be ridden at lower pressures in wet or off road conditions, which mostly comes down to what feels best.

If there is a pressure range listed, it is typically advised to pump the tires up to 5PSI below the max recommended pressure when riding on dry paved surfaces.  The lower end of the pressure range can be used for wet or off road conditions.

Caring for Different Types of Bike Tires

For thinner road bike tires, it is recommended to check your tire pressure at least once a week.  Larger mountain bike tires are usually fine for at least a month.  Over time, gas molecules will slowly escape the rubber of the inner tube because rubber is actually a porous material on the molecular level, which is why bike tires will be flat after several months in storage.  If you haven’t ridden your bike in a while or if you are taking it out of the box for the first time, make sure to pump up your tires!  Riding at too low of a pressure can destroy the inner tube, the tire, and even the rim and spokes of the wheel.

How long do E-bike Tires Last?

Tires typically have a lifespan of about 5000 miles, depending on terrain and riding style.  Skidding out the rear tire while stopping is definitely the most fun way to stop, but this will drastically decrease the lifespan of the rear tire.  The best practice while stopping is to squeeze both brakes an even amount at the same time.

How do I know if my Bike Tires are Worn Out?

It is time to replace your tires if the tread in the center of the tire has been worn flat, or if there are any large cuts in the material showing the structural mesh under the rubber.  Most tires also have a colored rubber layer just below the black rubber, so if this starts to show through then stop riding the bike as soon as possible and replace the tire.  Leaving the bike stored in the sun can also cause the tires to crack.  If there are any large cracks in the sidewalls of the tires showing the structural mesh, the tires need to be replaced before riding.

Where can I get Replacement Tires for Electric Bikes?

Replacement tires can be found at most bike shops or online.  If you have questions about tire recommendations, feel free to ask us at hello@espinbikes.com

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