Tips for Traveling in Your RV with your Electric Bike

Tips for Traveling in Your RV with your Electric Bike

There are few things more relaxing and enjoyable than riding your e-bike. But, you might feel limited to just enjoying your rides in only your local area. Well, you don't need to feel that way anymore because more people than ever are enjoying e-bike vacations by taking their rides with them on their RVs. This way, you never need to choose between riding your e-bike and enjoying the open road. 

There are two main things to consider when bringing your e-bike with you in your RV. This includes storing it and keeping it secure from theft. Let's take a look at how you can do this hassle-free.


Obviously, the first concern for bringing your e-bike with you on vacation is how you are going to fit it in the limited space of an RV. Well, there are two main solutions for this: an e-bike rack or a folding e-bike.

E-Bike Racks

With a non-folding bike, it can be hard to find room inside the RV to store a full-sized bike. Luckily many RVs come with a hitch that can be used to mount a bike rack.

Just don't try using a regular bike rack because these are often not designed for the extra weight of an e-bike. However, many of the most well-known bicycle rack manufacturers have begun to design racks with e-bikes in mind, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding one to work with your e-bike and RV.

Make sure you read the directions for the model you get and make sure that you securely mount your e-bike whenever you are traveling. You don't want your investment to hit the pavement when you start driving!

If you need help finding a great rack, here's a helpful video from our friends over at You, Me, and the RV. 

Folding E-Bikes

One of the biggest developments in city commutes in decades came in the form of the foldable electric bike. These powerful electric bicycles can fold up in only a moment into a bite-sized piece of luggage that can fit just about anywhere.

Often new riders are concerned whether these e-bikes can hold up to trail riding, and when these machines first came out, it was true that many sacrificed power and battery capacity in order to be small and lightweight enough.

In recent years though, many manufacturers have released high-quality models like the Espin 21 Nesta, so you don't need to sacrifice power and utility for convenience.

With a folding e-bike, you can generally fit them just about anywhere in your RV. All you need to do is fold in the handlebars and pedals, and by flipping a switch, you can fold the whole thing over. 


The second concern when bringing your RV with you on the road is security. An e-bike is a major investment, plus you are probably pretty attached to it, so you do not want it stolen. Let's look at how you can keep your e-bike safe on the road.


It's tempting to leave your bike unlocked so you can hop on it at any time and hit the trails or ride to the nearest stores. But, just as you wouldn't leave it unlocked outside at home, you shouldn't leave it unsecured at a campground either.

Use a high-quality bike lock any time you're leaving it alone, whether that's to a picnic table or tree while you wander nearby or to your RV while your inside. If your e-bike is unattended, it should be locked up to ensure it cannot be picked up and taken.

Also, if you use an e-bike rack, make sure that it is locked up whenever you have it mounted as well. This will ensure that whenever you are getting gas or stop for the night, no one can come along and take it off.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

The RV industry has been fast growing in the last few decades, and this has built a strong community that is likely to be present on any campgrounds you may visit. Generally, this has meant that theft is fairly low on RV campgrounds because there is a strong sense of community among the people there.

This means that by getting to know your neighbors and becoming a part of the community, you have a sort of neighborhood watch helping to keep an eye on all your valuables, including your e-bike. This helps to prevent theft and to help ensure that those responsible are caught and brought to justice when it does occur.

This means it is very worth your time to get to know your neighbors. This doesn't have to be high effort even a friendly wave and a hello can give your neighbors a positive impression that might make them more likely to help you if they see someone taking your e-bike. But, it certainly doesn't hurt to invite them over for a barbecue or talk with them sometimes either.

Luckily, your e-bike will probably stand out, and with diligent locking, there is a very high chance your neighbors will notice if anyone is taking it. They may be able to give a description if they see anyone riding it, and this can help a lot when it comes to getting your e-bike back if it is stolen.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays' your e-bike adventures don't need to be kept near your home. People across the country are taking their e-bikes with them on vacation, and there is no better way than in your RV.

With folding e-bikes and specialty racks, your e-bikes can easily be stored in the limited space of an RV and brought with you anywhere. Through diligent practices of locking up your e-bike and getting to know your neighbors at the campsite, you can keep your e-bike safe and secure from theft.

So, this summer, make sure to take your e-bike with you on vacation and hit some of the trails across the country. There is no better way to enjoy the open-air than on the back of your e-bike!

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