7 Things to Bring on a Trip with Your Electric Bike

7 Things to Bring on a Trip with Your Electric Bike

Everybody needs a break sometimes, with others going on a trip more spontaneously than others. A quick trip on your bike becomes a must, but it's important to bring a couple of essentials along the way. Especially without a particular destination in mind, having that immediate checklist of items to be on your way is a must.

Many first-timers may wonder what they should bring since you certainly don't want to under or overpack for your little travel. Here are some of the seven most important things to bring along with you on a bike trip:

1) An Ideal Bike

Look into a great bike, and then take it for a test ride before you head out to make sure it's truly the one for you and your trip. Try to spend a little extra on a quality electronic bike that will last you and be your companion for a long time. Splurging on such an investment is worth the great biking experience.

2) Light Baggage

It's important that you don't have too much weight on your back while cycling. It's much more enjoyable when you're not weighed down, and an electric bike is the best way to cut that weight down to the bare minimum. Coupling that with a light bag that has a change of clothes, bike accessories, cables, and chargers would be perfect.

3) Identification

You might not immediately think of bringing proof of identification for a simple bike trip, but it is an important item you should bring with you. You never know who you might run into on your travels, and you might need to show that you're an adult or that you truly are who you claim yourself to be.

4) Necessary Documents

Certain documents such as medical clearances and the like when crossing the border is a useful things to have on you as well. Don't forget to bring something with you that has other papers showing your itinerary, transportation, and accommodation information, either as a reminder or in case someone requires it from you.

5) Electronic Devices

It's important to bring your phone along on your bike trip, especially since you'll be heading out to areas you're unfamiliar with. Beyond that, there are also use navigation apps that can help you get around with your bike. Ensure you have a mobile device that has a strong enough battery to keep up with you and your adventures.

6) Water

Keeping hydrated is important when you're biking, especially when you're going far distances. Bring some water in a good bottle that you can bring on your electronic bike. Do keep in mind that you can always refill your water bottles during any stops over the course of your trip as well.

7) Cash

Having a bit of cash with you is advisable for any trip. Whether you're traveling to a place where there aren't many ATMs or the ATMs that you find along the way are broken, you'll be glad that you have cash on hand. Remember to always keep tabs on your wallet to avoid losing it.


A checklist of these seven important items will allow you to have a fantastic trip on your electric bike. You'll find that bringing a little of everything along your way will help you have the best time on your trip.

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