Choosing Sustainability - What to Expect With an Electric Bike

Choosing Sustainability - What to Expect With an Electric Bike

Renewable energy is no longer just a fad for the younger generation; it’s now a necessity to save our dying planet. Sustainability is a practice consumers and brands are investing in, creating a combined effort of protecting the environment. Besides optimizing energy use at home, sustainability practices are also crossing over to means of transportation.

Many nations are reassessing the value of investing in bike lanes and biking in general as a primary means for commuting. Besides cutting down fuel emission levels, it also allows countries to be less dependent on fossil fuels. Additionally, pedaling your way through traffic is a healthy alternative to staying idle in a car seat for hours on end. However, not all roads are easy to pedal through. Thankfully, you can purchase an electric bike that combines the convenience of easier transportation and the comfort of riding a motor vehicle.

Embracing Electric Bikes

Replacing a car ride for a bike ride is an excellent way to reduce your overhead costs on different fronts. Besides saving your money from fuel usage, you’re also spending less time in traffic or finding a parking space. However, a traditional bike won’t always fit the bill for all forms of travel. This is why electric biking is showing a good progression of combining sustainability and comfort.

If you want to invest in an electric biking lifestyle, here are three things you should expect:

1. Electric Biking Will Cause a Domino Effect of Influence

Like any marketing trend, seeing one consumer own an electric bike will influence others to do the same. However, using electric bikes won’t be a fad akin to the popularity of hoverboards. Instead of being a simple fashion statement, electric biking is a lifestyle choice that intersects with people from different walks of life. Everyone will have a use for electric bikes, from commuting students to security guards. The appeal of riding an electric bike will eventually allow others to consider buying one for themselves. This phenomenon will convert non-participants of biking to choose a more sustainable lifestyle.

2. High Electric Bike Costs Will Pay for Itself

Unlike conventional bikes, electric bikes are far from cheap. Good quality electric bikes can cost between $1,500 and $2,500. Additionally, e-bikes will be considerably more expensive if you opt for models with advanced features. Although the high price tag can seem overwhelming, remember that a high-priced electric bike will pay for itself in the long term. If you’re an avid biker or you plan to be one, you’ll receive many benefits from maximizing the mileage off of your electric bike. As an alternative means of transportation, the time, savings, and health benefits of owning an electric bike are much more significant than its monetary value.

3. Laws and Regulations Will Adapt and Improve

As electric biking becomes more common, changes to local, state, and federal laws will inevitably follow regarding its use. For example, the UK is already making strides in adopting specific rulings for electric scooters in public transportation. Watch out for advancements in regulations and licensing concerning owning an electric bike.


Living a sustainable lifestyle will be more common as consumers and companies adopt these green trends. Like any product, the rise in demand for electronic bikes will lead to a flood of different brands showcasing their product lines to the market. Since an electric bike can be a pricey investment, you need to choose the right model to meet all your biking needs. Thankfully, you can trust our brand of electric bikes to combine innovation and comfort for your commuting needs.

At Espin Bikes, we provide quality electric bikes to supplement your needs for a sustainable lifestyle. Enhance your daily commute experience with our foldable ebikes from our product line that work great on paved roasts and off-road terrain! Find the perfect ebike for you by ordering from our store today!

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