4 More Reasons Electric Bikes are the Best Commute Choice

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In our last blog, we covered how electric bikes are the best alternative commute option over public transportation, ride-share, and rental bikes. We're back with four more reasons why electric bikes are the best choice for your commute.

Traffic Congestion 

Traffic congestion is a major problem in cities these days.  While COVID offered a brief reprieve, traffic levels are already climbing back up and have even surpassed previous records in some major cities thanks to a lack of carpooling and other changes in behavior. This traffic can back up for miles meaning considerable delays if you’re in a car or sometimes even for public transportation. But if you’re riding a bike, you’ll probably be able to just zip down the side of the street or the bike lane. Also, you’ll be doing your part to help the problem.

An Economical Solution

The cheapest car on the market today is more than $15,000, not counting taxes, fees, or any other costs. Though a used car may cost you less, there are even more maintenance costs to worry about.

However, a high-quality Espin 21 Nero will cost you only $1,499 brand new. With no need for registration, insurance, or gas, the savings won’t stop there. The cost of powering your e-bike will often be a small fraction of a penny per mile. Look for our upcoming blog on the cost savings of an electric bike versus a car.

There are fewer maintenance tasks for an e-bike than a car, and most of them can even be done yourself. So when it comes to saving money, an e-bike is quite simply the best solution for your commute.


Sustainability and the Planet

No gas-guzzlers here - your electric bike takes only a quick charge to keep going and even emits 23x less carbon per year than most cars. If you have solar panels on your house, that electricity is generated through green power, and also much cheaper than traditional electricity farming methods.

E-bikes Are Suitable for Almost Anyone 

E-bikes are good for adults of all ages and all body types. It isn’t necessary to be physically fit to ride an e-bike since you don’t need to pedal at all on some models. Other models require you to pedal but provide assistance, sometimes different levels of assistance to choose from. These bikes are a great way to gradually become fitter and improve your cardiovascular health while you are at it. You can work up to riding longer distances without help. 

These bikes are helpful for people who are already fit as well. It’s nice to ride your bike to work or a social event without risking becoming all sweaty. Also, sometimes you may not want a workout. You may just want to quickly pick something up at the store. 

Additionally, some trips are a bit far even for a very fit person, yet an e-bike can handle it. E-bikes allow people to bike much farther than regular bikes, which is very convenient, especially for someone who can’t afford a car. Many of these bikes can go 20 miles or more with pedal assist. This allows people without cars more recreation and job opportunities. E-bikes work well for most routine transportation needs.


Traffic congestion is a part of everyday life for more people than ever before. Thus, many commuters are considering an alternative mode of transportation for their daily commute, and plenty have turned to e-bikes. 

E-bikes offer both speed and greater ease of use than a traditional bicycle, but without completely losing the exercise and health benefits of riding. With an e-bike, you can enjoy a simpler life without the costs and stress associated with driving a car. So consider ditching the car or bus pass and trying out an e-bike instead. You’ll be glad you did.

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