Different Types of Electric Bikes and Their Speed

Different Types of Electric Bikes and Their Speed

Electric bikes offer daily commuters a way to travel long roads with greater assistance, allowing you to maintain speeds without over-exerting your energy along the way. Over the past few years, the market has seen a boom in the creation of electric bikes and this trend is only going to continue as it offers plenty of benefits. From eco-conscious traveling to the ability to ride your bike for longer miles, electric bikes are steadily dominating the streets for good reasons.

If you're interested in buying an electric bike, remember that not all are made the same way. There are different types that impact the electric bike's speed, so it's important to do your research first before committing to one! With that in mind, the article below should shed some light on the basics of different electric bikes in the market.

An Overview on Different Classes of Electric Bikes

Class 1

The first generation of electric bikes are classified under Class 1 and are geared for maximum speeds of 20 mph. This is because Class 1 electric bikes use controllers that operate with a throttle and pedal assist. Essentially, Class 1 electric bikes can only operate when the rider is pedaling and often require the rider to pedal a few times before the motor kicks in.

Class 2

These are among the most popular electric bikes and are commonly used by commuters. Class 2 electric bikes are the workhorses of the biking industry, and their popularity lies in their ability to go relatively fast and for long distances.
These types of electric bikes can achieve a maximum speed of 24 mph, meaning that they can be used by riders of all ages and experience levels. What also makes sliding into a Class 2 electric bike easy is its lack of pedaling when the motor is activated.

Class 3

Are you a seasoned biker who wants to go the extra mile? If you are adventurous and want to go off-roading or climb a mountain, class 3 electric bikes are the way to go. Class 3 bikes are generally made for off-roading and can go up to 28 mph; that’s why this class often comes with regulations such as being registered with a motor license.

Although they are made to handle the road and are perfect for those who commute long distances, they require some knowledge and experience. If you haven’t ridden a bike in the past, it may be better to test out a class 3 electric bike before purchasing one.

The Bottom Line: Your Type of Speed with the Ideal Electric Bike

Although there are tons of electric bikes available for purchase, it is important to point out that each type has different classes and speeds. Depending on the distance and the number of commuters in your area, buying a faster electric bike may be desirable.

While the speed of an electric bike is not the most important factor in choosing an electric bike, it is still important to note the riding capabilities your electric bike has. If you are looking for an electric bike with long range and speed, it is important to note the top speed of your bike.

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