Espin eBikes, On the Road and On the Trail

Espin eBikes, On the Road and On the Trail

Espin eBikes are more than just efficient and trendy, they’re versatile. Ride your Espin to work, roam around the city, bike across the Golden Gate Bridge, or take it to the trails.

On the Trail

We built our Espin eBikes with the utmost care, paying attention to every little detail. And as a result, our eBikes are resilient and can operate smoothly on both dirt and pavement. Here are some features that make this eBike perfect for hitting the trails!

The Suspension Fork

Our Flow eBike comes equipped with a suspension fork, designed to keep your bikes tires in contact with the trail. The Sport comes with rigid forks, but you can add on our suspension fork at no additional cost. Stay in control while you’re riding and minimize bumpiness along your ride. The suspension fork ensures that your ride is a smooth one 😉

Memory Foam Saddle

We know what it’s like to ride long distances on an uncomfortable saddle, trust us. So we chose to build our eBikes with a memory foam saddle, ensuring the utmost comfort for your behind. Our Espin Comfort Saddle makes the trails feel even easier.


“Racks on racks on racks.” Well… I guess just one. Our Espin eBikes have racks on the back wheel. It’s perfect for stowing your trail essentials when you head out for long rides.

Reflective Strips

Yes, we have a LED headlight. But we also have light up reflective strips on our tires to make sure you’re seen by anyone (or anything) that could pop up along your trail ride.

On the Road

Our Espin eBikes were built to be ridden on the road. I mean they are a bicycle commuters dream. Beyond aesthetic, the Espin eBike functions can’t fit the road any better.

We have…

A Rear Hub Motor

Our Espin eBikes feature a rear hub motor, which is ideal for a commuter bike. Because the weight is in the rear, there is less opportunity for the wheel to spin loose. Perfect for the rainy days in the city!

Pedal Assist

These eBikes feature 5 power levels of pedal assist, allowing you to choose how much work you want to put in. Feeling lazy today? Tell your bike, it’ll help you out. Want a bit more exercise on your way to work? You got it. Not only does it allow you to control your bike, but it saves your battery as well!


Our Espin eBikes have a range of about 25-50 miles, likely much longer than your commute to work! Plus, the battery on the Espin is balanced centrally in the eBike frame, making sure that the eBike looks like a regular bike and doesn’t feel as heavy.

Balloon Tires

Last but not least, our Espin eBikes feature balloon tires! And no that does not mean that they pop like a balloon does. Balloon tires have a larger air volume cushion, making sure that you feel less vibrations as you go up and down the city’s hills.

Our Espin eBikes are officially on sale. And they make the perfect Christmas present for a loved one…or yourself. Buy now, save $300, and have your eBike delivered before the holidays! 




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