Important Things to Know When Purchasing Your First E-Bike

Important Things to Know When Purchasing Your First E-Bike

One of the best ways to live a healthy and long life is to remain physically active. It doesn’t matter what activity you choose—may it be working out at the gym, running around your neighborhood, doing yoga, or riding a bike, so long as you commit to it regularly.

If you’re interested in riding a bike, you may want to set your sights on an electric bike. It has truly changed the game for people who wish to experience longer rides and climb steep hills without getting tired quickly compared to riding a regular bike. 

Keep reading below to find out how to prepare for buying an e-bike for beginners to ensure your investment is worthwhile, and you can begin riding as soon as you bring it home. 

Determine What You Need

You can find various electric bikes for sale in the market that offer an array of features. It’s up to you what specific e-bike to get based on your preference and purpose. For those who wish to focus on comfort throughout their ride, getting a step-through frame may be what you require.

People looking forward to long-distance riding should acquire an electric bike with a high-powered battery to last you for hours. Meanwhile, if you’re going to target uphill climbs more often, you will need a high torque hub motor or a middle motor system to help you achieve your goal.

Set High Expectations

Modern technology has truly improved the game for manufacturing companies after releasing affordable electric bikes to cater to people of all ages. You can rest assured that they’re durable, helpful, and enjoyable to use, whatever your purpose may be. 

Since you already know that you can choose from different e-bikes, it’s vital to think about your expectations when picking out your first bike. Always select a bike according to your demands, so you know that your investment goes a long way.

Research a Good Provider

A useful way to ensure you receive the product that can fulfill your needs isn’t just about focusing on getting an affordable e-bike, but it’s also about finding a reliable provider. When looking for a retailer, keep in mind that they must prove they’re willing to accommodate you, are dedicated to what they do, and can assure you their bikes are of good quality.

The moment you walk into a bike shop, you can immediately tell if the vibe is right when the staff present are welcoming and always ready to help customers out. Meanwhile, when it’s about acquiring a high-quality e-bike, you should research in advance and know the reputable brands before visiting the store you desire.

Don’t Forget to "Test Ride" 

Once you find an electric bike you think fits your every requirement, you should take it for a test ride as the last step of your bike hunting. Trying out the bike is more crucial than understanding the parts, specs, and nifty features it entails.

With Direct-to-Consumer retailers it can be hard to test ride the bike you want, but many companies like Espin allow you to return your ebike if you don't want to keep it, no questions asked. Further, looking up Youtube videos of rides on the bike you're interested in can be a great way to get an idea of what it feels like. 



Once you choose to live an active lifestyle, the next step is to commit to it, starting with buying an electric bike. It’s exciting to pick out a bike for the first time, but it does require you to treat it as a responsibility. If you wish to get an e-bike that will last you a long time, you should take it seriously and know what you’re doing. It will help to determine what you need, set high expectations, research a good provider, and don’t forget to test ride it before finally buying the e-bike you want.

Are you looking to purchase the best electric bikes in the US for beginners? Espin Bikes is a brand that offers a wide array of electric bikes to cater to your lifestyle, environment, and needs. Browse through our collection to find the perfect bike for you!

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