The Surprising Health Benefit of Using an Electric Bicycle

The Surprising Health Benefit of Using an Electric Bicycle

Our growing awareness of global warming and its threat compelled people to be more conscious of their carbon footprint. It also forced companies to shift to cleaner energy and create environmentally-friendly products. Hybrid cars and e-bikes are now familiar sights.

We have also grown more conscious of our health habits. Younger generations (millennials and Gen Z) often go for an organic smoothie than fatty fast food. If you take the extra mile to improve your well-being, we applaud you. But are you aware that you can still exercise using an e-bike?

You might be astounded by the earlier statement. But a recent study shows that e-bike riders get more exercise than cyclists who use the conventional bicycle. If you find this intriguing, you should continue reading this article.

The Rise of the E-Bike

Our wokeness led to the popularity of the e-bike. To respond to the call of Mother Nature’s plight, manufacturers increased the supply, which made it more affordable. You can even get one for as low as $499. You can even find top-of-the-line e-bikes for under $1500.

Its popularity created a large base of e-bike riders to help the said study. Researchers followed over 10,000 adults in seven European countries. The scientists determined the average energy expenditure of different forms of transportation, including riding an electric bicycle, pedal bicycle, walking, driving, etc.

The researchers closely studied the participants to determine the amount of time they spent engaging in those activities per week. They also took note of the distances traveled by the e-bike riders. At first, the scientists were pleasantly surprised that e-bike riders had a slight edge over conventional bike cyclists.

Health-Wise Benefit

The study’s authors attributed this to the increased amount of time that e-bike riders spend on their bicycles. They took longer-distance trips compared to cyclists using conventional bikes. The researchers even go as far as to say that the research can be utilized to lobby for increased e-bike usage and improved e-bike infrastructure. They concluded:

“In conclusion, this analysis supports the notion to accept, or even promote, e-bikes as a healthy and sustainable transport option based on e-bikers travel behavior and self-reported mode substitution. Planners should be aware that e-bikers travel longer distances than cyclists. Thus, e-bikes might be used for longer commuting trips than non-electronic bicycles. To accommodate (or promote) this new demand and to avoid conflicts with other road users in urban areas, cycling infrastructures should be expanded and may need to be adapted to accommodate higher speeds and address safety needs. The health benefits in terms of physical activity of using e-bikes, particularly when replacing car trips, should be factored in when considering subsidizing e-biking.”

If you utilize the standard bicycle, there is no need to get red in the face. The same study pointed out that, on average, you still have a lower Body Mass Index (BMI) reading compared to your e-bike counterparts. Traditional cyclists had an average BMI of 23.8, while those who use e-bikes had an average BMI of 24.8. But kindly take note that both numbers are well within the “normal” range of BMI.


This article gives you another reason to purchase your e-bike. It will not only be your contribution to the protection of Mother Earth. But it can also keep you healthy.

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