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Understanding Why Wide Tires Are Better for E-Bikes

Posted by Yina Liu on
Understanding Why Wide Tires Are Better for E-Bikes

The e-bike has taken the world by storm, being the perfect combination for those who like the perks of biking while having the option to make things easier for themselves. The e-bike has become the go-to for short travels.

This has given commuters another option to choose from, one at a friendlier budget than, say, a motorcycle.

One advantage of the e-bike is how the modern e-bike will sport wider tires. This is due to a few reasons, some of which we’ve listed down below:

Increased Functionality Over Different Terrains

A wider tire allows your vehicle to travel much more efficiently over varying surfaces. You can even adjust it further by altering the pressure level of the tires. An obvious improvement is when you ride over wet roads, with the wider tires providing better grip in the rain.

You might even try riding over sand at your local beach. Wider tires will allow your bike to travel over sand better, making sure you don’t get stuck.

Better Durability

Thicker tires will also be thicker, on average, than the standard tires. This allows you to maintain these tires for much longer, given that you won’t be taking them anywhere too rough. This helps you save on overhead costs with the vehicle.

Improved Ride Comfort

With more air between you and the road, you are guaranteed a softer, smoother ride. This makes every commute much more comfortable. Going over wild terrain can be countered by bringing the pressure all the way down to 10-15 psi, letting you ride over any terrain with ease.

This is thanks to better shock absorption, meaning commuting causes a lot less fatigue than it normally would.

Better Balance

With the e-bike, ease-of-travel is a priority. Wider tires give you a better foundation on the ground, making travel a lot less hassle. That’s because it takes less to control the bike during the course of the day.

Because E-Bikes Can Utilize Them More

E-bikes, thanks to their electric power, make it a lot more sense to standardize the use of wider tires. The reason why wide tires aren’t standard on regular bikes is that it takes more energy to get them to move. This makes the overall ride a lot more tiring than usual.

With the e-bike, the power won’t have to come from you. With the electric motor, you wouldn’t have to think about how much more energy you would have to exert in order to get to your destination.

Potential for Exercise

Some e-bikes give riders the option to choose whether to engage the pedals mid-ride. For those who want to add a little exercise in the routine, you can work with the principle behind the previous point and use the weight of the heavier tires to strengthen your legs.


We hope this article has given you a better understanding of why fat tires are great for e-bikes. While the change may seem trivial, it can actually completely transform your experience with your bike. Be sure to keep everything we mentioned in this article in mind when making decisions regarding your bike.

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