Best Service

Free shipping

We ship every bike for free in the lower 48, delivered directly to your door.

Espin Guarantee

All Espin electric bikes come with a comprehensive warranty so you can buy with confidence.

Exceptional Support

Have a question? Contact us via phone, email, chat. We are here to help.

95% Assembled

All our bikes comes 95% assembled. All you need to do is put on the finishing touches.

Let’s take out the delays, gas money, parking wars, insurance policies, incessant honking, detours, road rage, the sweat, the fatigue.

The Espin commute is simple — there’s a lot more fresh air, and a lot less effort. Breeze through the hills and traffic while you ride cost-efficiently on Espin, leaving the lightest footprint on earth.

The Mobile Device That
Charges You

Agile Motors

Our motors have the fastest response time among our competitors, with the torque sensing mid drive at 10 millisecond response time.

Pushing Boundaries

With batteries that range from up to 50 miles (Flow and Sport) to up to 80 miles (Reine), you are where you want to go.

Equipped For your Convenience

Your commute defines the Espin design. Specialized tires grip the road for agility and comfort. Bright LED head and tail lights.

High Quality, No Worry

There is no compromise on your safety or quality. We’re committed to the best-in -class manufacturing that delivers you

Talk of The Town

Client Review

I love my Espin. I've put thousands of miles on it in a year and a half. I live up a big hill, and I get home without stress or sweat, which is big when you live in a warm climate and still want to wear business attire!

Scott Cooney

I love my Espin. My bike is two years old. I’ve got over 4000 miles on it. I’m a senior citizen. I ride from Ocean Beach to the Haight every morning along the water into Golden Gate Park and then back. It’s lovely and fun.

Peggy Ingalls

Espin offers a quality bicycle at an affordable price. I love my Espin sport and trust it as much, if not more, than the other vehicles in my personal transportation fleet.

Carlos G. Gomez