7 New Features on our 2021 Sport and Flow Espin Bikes

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You asked and we listened.

Here at Espin, we’re constantly thinking of ways to improve our eBikes. Though we have many ideas of our own, it’s ultimately about what you—our valued customers—want. It’s our commitment to bring you the highest quality products with functionalities that are effortlessly electric.

When you leave a comment on our Facebook page or leave a review, we read it—yes, every single comment. We want to know what you like, love, and loathe. Though some changes take longer than others to implement due to the production period, we’re listening and are devoted to bringing you what you want. After many conversations and trials, we prioritized the features you wanted most. You asked and here’s what you got:

A fine tuned motor

As eBikes continue to rise in popularity and the demand grows, the quality of motors and controllers have diminished as manufacturers are trying to pump out products as quickly as possible to meet demand. Of course we only want to deliver the best quality, so in response, we developed our own motor and controller, which is on all of our 2021 models. Getting to this point wasn’t easy, but was so worth it. After countless hours of conversations with industry-leading manufacturers, development of several iterations, and lots of negotiations to offer the best price, we completed our own motor. Most ebike companies buy off the shelf motors and off the shelf controllers and simply pair them together. We tune every controller for every motor for every single bike you purchase from us—something that a majority of companies don’t do. Leaving the responsibility up to us, instead of overwhelmed motor manufacturers who value quantity over quality, allows us to ensure a much higher quality ride. 

A more efficient controller

In our opinion, the controller is the most important, yet overlooked, aspect of an eBike. Similar to our motors, we’ve spent a lot of time exploring how to improve our controllers. Now, with our own controller, we’re excited to provide you with our smoothest and most comfortable ride yet, on all of our 2021 models. Our main motivation for fine tuning the controller was to improve the quality of the ride—specifically tuning our controllers to ensure the bike is getting power incrementally instead of feeling jerky for each pedal assist level. Instead, it’s a smooth upward curve. We’re confident our new motor and controller duo will not disappoint. 

Front rack for more storage

No need to pack light, anymore. With the new front rack, which is now available as an add on for all of our eBikes, you’ll have more carrying capacity than ever. You can bring along everything you need for your commute, ride to the gym, or leisure trek. The front rack has mounting points that are bolted directly onto the head tube on the frame. Don’t worry, the back rack is still available as an add on, too. In fact, it’s better than ever—larger, more robust, and sturdier than our previous rack.

Space for a water bottle holder

The little things matter, too. After receiving feedback that our previous models didn’t have enough space to store your water, we jumped right on it. Now, our eBikes have mounting points to add a standard size bottle holder.

Wider tires to stay balanced

For more grip, comfort, and stability, we went with slightly wider tires—2.1 inches, instead of 1.9 inches—on our 2021 Flow and Sport models. It’ll help you better manage riding on various types of terrains, from grass to dirt roads to gravel trails.

A stronger frame

We reinforced the frame on our 2021 Flow and Sport to make it stronger and more stiff by using thicker tubes, giving you better stability as you ride. The Flow also features a step-thru frame, meaning you can easily climb on and off the bike, without having to lift your leg up high over the bike to mount. You can read more about the difference of step-thru vs. step-over here on our blog. Both the Sport and Flow have an improved bike geometry which gives it a more proportional reach providing a more comfortable ride.

Adjustable pedal assist settings

Go at your own pace. We understand that we each have our own preference of how much assist you need, which is why the new display on the 2021 Flow and 2021 Sport lets you customize the pedal assist settings. In short, pedal assist is a mode that tells your bike’s motor how much it should help you as you ride. If you want a little extra push, we already have level 1 set to 30% of max motor power. If that’s too powerful and you’d like less motor assist, you can now tone it down to say 20% or whatever feels best to you.

What new features would you like to see next? Send us an email and let us know!

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