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We know Espin electric bike riders love to show off their bikes and are always willing to share tips and tricks- so today, we’re excited to launch the new Espin Ambassador Program! 

The Espin Ambassador Program is currently recruiting for people who love to spread the word about Espin bikes and help others make crucial bike buying decisions by answering questions in online communities such as groups, forums, and social media circles. In exchange for your posts, videos, reviews, and more - you’ll get access to new Espin products and gear first and sometimes for free!

We’re a small family-run business so we rely on our amazing customers to help us get the word out about how great Espin bikes are. Our goal to provide the most competitive functionalities at accessible prices is only possible thanks to our awesome community of riders so we want to give everyone the chance to work with us a little closer. You’ll need to either connect your email or Facebook account to apply. Details can be found on our webpage under the community tab in the menu, or you can click here to view the application.

With the launch of the new Espin Ambassador program, we will also be sunsetting our old referral code program as it was not serving the purpose we originally intended. If you were a fan of the referral program, look for an email from Espin Bikes entitled “Join the Espin Referral Program” which will invite you to join our new Espin Referral Program. Everyone who has bought an Espin bike previously will receive the invitation email, as well as all future purchasers. We know Espin owners are a big reason why their friends and family look to Espin so we want to make sure you’re getting rewarded for your hard work and as such, Espin owners using their referral link will earn 5% of sales made through their links. 

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