The Bicycles of Burning Man

The Bicycles of Burning Man

Oh the Bicycles of Burning Man…

If you’re a San Francisco local and you haven’t been to Burning Man, you’ve seen that the city actually shrinks when the rest of your neighbors head to the Playa.

What you may not know is that a bike on the Playa is 100% essential. And as I’m sure you’d expect the bicycles of Burning Man get pretty crazy…

Here are some of our favorites.

Is he try(angle)ing too hard?

Hmmm something looks fishy here.

This guy looks like he’s having a Wooly good time at the Burn.

This one could be straight out of the Flintstones. Yabba Dabba Do It.

Look at that Great White desert!

That looks like it would be Wheely hard to get into… let alone steer!

This Unicorn is pretty far from Silicon Valley…

But sir, this is Burning Man, not Camelot!

I ain’t lion when I said these bikes were pretty cool.

Burners don’t just go all out on their costumes, their bikes get dressed up too.

Was your Burning Man bike pretty epic? Send us a photo and we might feature it on our site!

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