SF Cleantech Conference – Key Takeaways

SF Cleantech Conference – Key Takeaways

What We Learned From SF’s Cleantech Conference


We had the opportunity to head over to SF’s Cleantech Week recently. With our clear interest in the space, we were looking to get more insights on the future of clean technology and clean transportation. Here are three key takeaways that we learned at this year’s conference.



  • Overall, clean energy is becoming less expensive


Since 2008, the price of clean energy has gone down immensely. Energy.gov reports that costs in all clean energy areas have gone down more than 40% in all areas of energy consumption (shown in the graph below).




  • Sustainable transportation is a big focus.


From a strategic point of view, it’s not smart to put all your eggs in one basket – petroleum. The longer an industry has stayed the same, the more likely it is that it’s overdue for a change. Transportation is one of those areas. In San Francisco we have seen major shifts in transportation, from ride-sharing to hybrid vehicles to eBikes!



  • Last but not least, Electrification is the biggest trend.


One energy source that is essential to what we do is the modeled battery. Its cost has gone down (-73%) since 2008, making it easier for companies like Espin to create powerful alternatives for commuter transportation.


Battery prices have been decreasing and a big reason for that is the high demand and the versatile elasticity of the battery (Computers, home appliances, cars, trucks, skateboards, electric bikes..etc) Not only are they only getting cheaper, but they’re also getting smaller and lasting longer.


The future of clean energy is shifting, right before our eyes and we are excited to support the movement in any way that we can. We are on board to #RideElectric, are you?


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