The Top Ebike for 2022: The Espin Nesta

The Top Ebike for 2022: The Espin Nesta

Electric bikes have quickly become one of the best ways to get around town quickly without needing to break a sweat. In only a few years, e-bikes have gone from being a rare sight to a near-ubiquitous sight in cities across the country. Whether it is to cut down on your carbon footprint while being able to quickly commute around town or an affordable and easy way to get around campus, an ebike is the perfect tool to help.

But, with the market booming like it is, consumers have a lot of options to choose from when picking the perfect ebike for them. With countless features, including different levels of pedal assist, battery range, the power of the motor, and so many more to choose from, it can quickly become overwhelming. 

Fortunately, we can make this a little simpler by showing you the top electric bike for 2022, the Espin Nesta. 

Our flagship ebike fills the traditional role riders look for, such as commuting and trail riding, but also offers the convenience and space-saving benefits of a foldable bike. This ebike has a lot to offer, so let's take a closer look at what makes this ebike the best of 2022.

The Espin Nesta

The Espin brand was founded in 2016 by San Francisco-based entrepreneurs who wanted to make an ebike that could handle the infamous hills of the city without breaking the bank. What came out of it was an affordable but high-quality brand of ebikes that have proven capable of handling even the toughest terrain.

The Espin Nesta is the company’s flagship folding model that can quickly be folded into a compact size to bring with you on a bus or train or even brought along in a car or RV. This makes it great for bringing along on trips or even just for storing it at home in your closet or garage.

Despite being a foldable ebike designed with minimal weight and size in mind, the Espin Nesta does not sacrifice power with the company’s proprietary 750-watt motor, which is designed to run as quietly as possible in sync with the controller. Even when the motor is running at full power, you can hardly hear it. Plus, unlike most ebike manufacturers, who simply choose off-the-shelf parts and assemble them, each controller on an Espin ebike is tuned to work specifically with the motor.

What this means for your ride is a smooth startup and acceleration with no sudden jerks or pauses. It also means you can enjoy maximum customization of your pedal assist and power settings to enjoy the perfect ride. These are benefits you can normally expect out of an ebike twice the price.

This model also comes with a 48-volt, 10.5-Ah battery which offers up to 40 miles of range and can get you a lot of distance on your daily commute, particularly if you can recharge while you work. To make this even easier, the battery is removable, so you can take it off the bike and bring it inside to charge it. Even from completely empty, it only takes seven hours to charge, so it will likely be full by the end of a workday.

The ebike rides on fat tires, which offers far greater handling and shock absorption, allowing it to handle hard terrain with ease without risking a loss of traction. Both front and rear fenders are included, which further helps make it suited for any terrain without worrying about kicking up dust, snow, or, if you live near a beach, sand. This is great for enjoying your ebike however you like.

With a high-speed motor, this ebike is a class 3 with a top motor speed of 25 mph, though the exact speed you can reach will always depend on the rider, terrain, and how much pedaling they do. One big advantage of the powerful motor is reinforced by the fact the Nesta comes with both front and rear racks, which can support 22 lbs. and 66 lbs. respectively, and you can fill both to the limit without breaking a sweat. Also, included lights mean late-night store runs can be done in safety and style.

You also don’t need to worry about stopping with hydraulic disc brakes, which give far better stopping power than traditional mechanical brakes. This makes depressing the brake handle much easier as well, which is great for older riders who can still easily stop the bike with only a single finger while retaining their grip on the handlebar.

When you want to change settings, the Espin Nesta has a color LCD display where you can see your speed, battery level, pedal assist settings, and a few other readouts. The throttle is trigger-operated, so you can stop pedaling and easily ride under power when you get tired or need to climb a steep hill.

Finally, you have two color options to choose from, including smoke gray and glacier blue. Best of all, when your ebike arrives, it comes nearly completely assembled, so you only need to put in a few minutes to get it ready for riding. 

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of great options to choose from when picking the right ebike, but compared with the competition, the Espin Nesta offers a great all-around package offering great power, convenience, and comfort, all for an affordable price. This is why with all things considered, the Nesta earns its place as the top ebike for 2022. 

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