Cycling Together: The Benefits of Working Out with a Partner

Cycling Together: The Benefits of Working Out with a Partner

Working out is great for your health and your mood, but that doesn’t mean it is easy to make daily exercise a habit. It’s all too easy to find a reason to skip a day, or two, or more. But, studies have proven that if you have a partner, skipping a day is suddenly not so easy. Plus, the joys of struggling and achieving your fitness goals are often doubled when shared with a partner. These same benefits that have been proven time and again are just as true for working out with your e-bike as well. So let’s take a look at the benefits of bringing a partner with you on your next ride. 


Accountability is one of the biggest benefits of exercising with someone. You won’t be as likely to miss your biking session if someone is waiting for you. Also, your partner will probably encourage you to go biking with them. 

However, accountability isn’t the only benefit to having a workout partner. There are many more benefits that many studies have proven can benefit your workout routine and achieve much better results. So, let’s take a look at a few more.


Having a partner to exercise with not only helps you to stick with your exercise plan but also helps you exercise better as well. People who work out with another person tend to exercise harder and for a longer period of time as well. This tends to work better if your exercise buddy is a bit more fit than you are. So, if your partner happens to be more fit than you are, there is a good chance that their good fitness habits will help motivate you to do better. This tends to work for weight loss as well.

Better Rides

Now that you know riding with a partner provides both motivation and accountability, it is easy to see that having a partner to work out with you will leave you riding your hardest, and this will lead to not only longer but better rides. Having a partner to cheer you on will leave you pushing to reach the top of that next hill when you would have long since quit if you were on your own. This means an overall better workout and twice the pride and satisfaction when the ride is over.


Another benefit of biking together is the companionship it can bring. Few things can bring two people closer together than the challenges of working out and becoming more fit together. This is never more true than when they are facing the challenges of the open road and trail side by side. This could add to the health benefits of biking because social contact and emotional support are very beneficial to a person’s health.

If you do decide to bike with a partner, there are some things you can do to help make the partnership a success. This is important to ensure both of you keep on track to achieving your fitness goals.

Be Patient

If you’re the more experienced biker, show some patience. Your new biking partner may be interested in biking. But, it may take them a bit of time to get used to it and even more time to get good at it. So, help them out by giving them time along with any other help they need. Additionally, be sure to give them safety tips to help them remain safe. 

Carefully Choose Your Route

Make sure you choose a route that suits your workout partner’s abilities. You probably have your favorite routes, but if your partner is a beginner and your favorite routes involve steep hills or other difficult terrains, you might want to hold off. Try to keep to simple routes while your partner gains experience, then you can move on to long trips and explorations. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t stop for a cup of coffee or a snack.

Don’t Show Off

They probably already know you’re the better bicyclist; you really don’t want to rub it in. You could easily embarrass or discourage them, thus defeating your purpose if you want a biking partner. So, wait until your biking buddy is a bit more experienced before showing your skills. After they are a bit more experienced, they may even want to compete with you. In the meantime, try to encourage them and help them stay safe.

Get Them a Good E-Bike

You may love great savings but remember that no one is going to enjoy riding a cheap electric bike with no features while you zip off on a fancy new bike. If you want to enjoy riding together, you need to make sure they are equipped with the right stuff. A high-quality e-bike can be the difference between loving your new workout routine and hating it.

Have Fun

The most important part of riding is having fun. If your partner doesn’t have fun, they aren’t likely to want to ride for long. Riding an e-bike does make it easier to have fun while becoming more fit since they can choose the level of assistance they want. But, you’ll still want to start out easy and not make them feel pressured. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the advantages of working out with a partner, why not bring yours along for the ride? By ordering an Espin e-bike for your partner now (or both you AND your partner), you can take advantage of special Valentine’s Day deals. There is no better gift than staying healthy while enjoying time together as a couple.

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