Is It Really Worth Using an Electric Bike to Exercise

Is It Really Worth Using an Electric Bike to Exercise

Biking is a good form of exercise in itself. If you aren’t used to cycling, or you’re not in a very bikeable neighborhood, you can always use an electric bike. It still provides you with a means to get around and knock out some cardio without having the same strain. This makes things more accessible for older people, persons with disabilities, and those that still need to go places without looking disheveled.

There are lots of benefits that should convince you to get into e-biking.

Your Cognitive Function Can Be Trained

This is great for both older and younger people as it can help prevent the development of degenerative diseases. When you use your e-bike regularly, you’ll be improving your brain health. As your brain receives increased blood flow, your cognitive function improves.

When you go for a bike ride, you are essentially helping your memory retention, attention span, and ability to retain new information.

Your Mental Health Will Improve

E-biking is an excellent way to manage your mental wellbeing, too. Your body produces endorphins that boost your mood to make you feel happier. Regular biking has also been proven to lower anxiety and stress, even being a good routine to prevent panic attacks.

This also helps your neural growth, so you feel calm more easily. This is why biking has often been considered an excellent therapeutic exercise for those battling depression, too.

You Can Sleep Better

When you sleep well, you will have better mental functions and you’ll feel physically better. If you bike regularly, you’ll end up regulating your sleep patterns. This is because the body stops producing as much cortisol, which can disrupt your sleep.

It’s also a natural effect of more physical activity that you can fall asleep more easily once you get to bed. The body naturally wants to replenish energy and will match its circadian rhythm accordingly.

Your Stress Levels Can Get Lower

E-biking loosens up your muscles and lowers your stress hormone production. Since it helps you sleep, you are less likely to feel irritable. On the flip side, it also enables you to get into a deep REM state during bedtime because you are not being interrupted by stress hormones. You could say it produces a healthy sleep cycle—pun intended.

You Can Get a Good Workout With Less Tension

What makes it such an accessible way to improve your wellbeing is that it’s easier than regular cycling. It is low-impact, so you aren’t stressing your joints as much or even working up the same intensity and sweat.

This doesn’t come at the expense of how much exercise you're getting, either. Studies have shown that e-bikers actually take longer trips than cyclists and end up burning more calories.


You can really improve your wellbeing with an e-bike, so it’s a good investment to make whether you just need a means of transportation or you’re looking for a new way to exercise. Even if you’re not that confident with your physical ability, this is very accessible. You can start with ease and you may even end up getting more exercise than you intend.

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