Cycling With Arthritis: Is It Good for Your Joints?

Cycling With Arthritis: Is It Good for Your Joints?

Treating arthritis requires a lot of work. Aside from taking vitamins and supplements, you can perform various exercises to assist in relieving the discomfort of arthritis.

For those who are physically capable, cycling is one of the finest workouts for arthritis. Many arthritis patients can benefit from riding an electric bike as part of a healthy fitness routine. But in what way can an e-bike help you? Continue reading to find out!

Why Is Cycling Beneficial to Your Joints?

The first benefit is that there is less joint stress. Cycling is a low-impact activity. Cycling reduces impact stress on weight-bearing joints such as the hips, knees, and feet. Additionally, the movement lubricates the joints, reducing discomfort and stiffness. Bicycling also has the following advantages:

Weight Control

Excess weight can aggravate inflammatory arthritis and put additional pressure on your joints, especially your knees. Cycling is a fun way to expend calories and keep your weight under control.

Adjustable Intensity

Bicycling can be done at a variety of levels of difficulty. If you tend to go slowly, you can coast from time to time or use the lower gears to relieve the strain on your legs. Research shows that low-intensity cycling is just as helpful as high-intensity cycling in improving function and gait, reducing pain, and increasing aerobic fitness in patients with knee osteoarthritis.

Muscle Strengthening

When the bike's pedal resistance is moderate, it not only enhances hip and knee range of motion but also strengthens your quadricep muscles (on the front of your thighs). Pedaling engages your glutes and hamstrings (the muscles at the rear of your thigh) to a lesser extent. Strong muscles help support and protect your joints.

What to Do Before You Start Cycling with Arthritis?

If you're new to exercising, it's always a good idea to consult your doctor beforehand. Consider your joints' present capabilities and work within them. Cycling is safe for you, and your doctor or physical therapist can help you figure out how to include it in an exercise routine that will benefit you the best while not exacerbating your joint discomfort. Here are some more suggestions to help you safeguard your joints:

1 - Move Slowly

Warm up your joints by moving them gently at the beginning. Start with five to ten minutes of range-of-motion exercises before moving on to cardiovascular training.

2 - Make Sure You Have the Right Gear

Always use a bike helmet and eye protection, and brightly colored clothing when riding outside. Bike gloves can also protect your hands from vibration and harm if you fall. Before you leave, plan your route. Dedicated bike trails keep you safe from oncoming vehicles.

3 - Begin with Short Rides

Start slowly and gradually increase the length and intensity of your ride as you gain experience. You should be able to carry on a conversation while exercising to identify if you are in the moderate-intensity exercise zone, albeit you will elevate your breathing rate.

4 - Stop if Anything Aches

Pay attention to your body. When your joints start to hurt, take a rest or change gears to reduce effort on hills, for example. It's time to stop if you're experiencing any new joint pain. Please consult your doctor about what types of pain are typical and when they indicate something more serious.

Discover the Benefits of Cycling to Arthritis and Knees Today!

Without a doubt, cycling is suitable for your joints. When this low-impact exercise is done correctly, it can help relieve joint discomfort by reducing strain on the joints.

If you're looking for the finest and most affordable e-bike for arthritis, you have come to the right place. Espin Bikes will provide you with a bike that fits you and tunes to your individual needs with the help of our certified bike mechanic. Shop now and experience the benefits of e-bikes!

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