The Most Important Safety Gear for Riding an E-Bike

The Most Important Safety Gear for Riding an E-Bike

When you are out there riding your e-bike, it is important to take some basic safety precautions. From wipeouts to unsafe road drivers, accidents do happen. Now, this doesn’t mean you should pack up your e-bike and hide, but it does mean you should consider using some basic safety equipment next time you ride. Let’s look at some of the most important types.

A Helmet

No safety equipment is more important than the basic cycling helmet. Chances are you have been using one to ride ever since you were a kid, and the reason why is obvious. An injury to the head during a crash is much more serious than most other parts of the body.

A helmet simply performs the immensely important job of protecting your head from scratches and impacts. However, what’s less simple is choosing a good helmet. 

Since 1999 all bicycle helmets in the US must pass certain standards for effectiveness mandated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. There are additional standards for helmets qualifying for particular types of riding, so check the label on the helmet to see if a helmet has additional protective features. Helmets are often designed for different types of riding, such as full-face helmets for mountain biking, dirt jumping, and similarly, more dangerous types of riding such as you might enjoy on a 21 Nero all-terrain e-bike so consider what type of riding you intend to do when choosing a helmet.

What is as important as the helmet itself is choosing one that fits well. A well-fitted helmet should fit snugly but not uncomfortably. There should be no side to side or front and back motion while moving, and the helmet should sit level, not tilted over your forehead or back of your head.

Cycling Gloves

Next to a good helmet, cycling gloves are likely the next most important piece of safety gear you should wear. Chances are, if you suffer from an accident on your e-bike, you will attempt to break the fall with your hands, and this can result in severe cuts, bruises, and potentially broken bones.

A good pair of cycling gloves can help reduce injury first of all by helping to protect your palms from abrasions. Next, many cycling gloves provide padding to cushion the blow of impacts reducing the chances of broken bones. This cushioning can also increase comfort when gripping the handlebars considerably on longer rides.

There are a lot of options out there for cycling gloves, such as fingerless varieties that can protect your palm while leaving you with full dexterity. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are full coverage gloves with armor plating for maximum protection, which is well suited for intense riding, such as for mountain biking.

Knee and Elbow Pads

Though less common than the prior two pieces of equipment, knee and elbow pads are a frequent choice for e-bike riders, particularly for performing intense riding. The benefits are clear, offering considerable protection to vulnerable joints as well as offering an alternative to full-body protective equipment for mountain biking during warm weather.

Generally, this protective equipment comes pre-bent and with flexible padding to allow comfortable movement and with light armor plating to prevent abrasion and reduce impacts in case of a fall. Commonly this equipment offers adjustable Velcro straps to allow a comfortable fit.

Protective Glasses

Any rider that has ridden down a rural lane knows how often bugs love to fly right into your eyes as you're cruising by. Plus, dirt and debris are easily kicked up when you’re riding on non-paved roads. All of these threats pose one thing in common, which is a threat to your vision.

This is why many riders choose to use protective glasses. If any insect or stray piece of debris temporarily distracts you, it can lead to a dangerous accident. Plus, protective glasses with tinted and polarized lenses can prevent you from becoming distracted or blinded by the sun or all the drivers using high beams out there. They can even help you to maintain visibility during poor weather by shielding your eyes from harsh wind and rain.

There are a lot of options out there, from simple sunglasses with protective lenses to options offering full eye coverage with interchangeable lenses. So, you can choose a pair that suits your needs and style of riding.

Reflectors and Lights

Every e-bike needs to be equipped with a good set of reflectors and lights. The reason why is visibility, not just for the rider but for everyone else. The most common cause of accidents for e-bike riders is those caused by a motorist failing to notice them. This is why it is important to be cautious, particularly when riding in a city. 

Though smart and cautious riding can reduce accidents like these, one of the most important ways is through effective lights and reflectors. There are a number of options for these, but at a minimum, every bike needs front, back, and pedal reflectors as well as a headlight and rear light. Most high-quality e-bikes come with a headlight and a good set of reflectors, but this still leaves you to find a good rear light which will often need to be placed differently depending on equipment such as racks and child seats.

Make sure your headlight is bright enough for riding at night as well; generally, you will want at least 200 lumens in order to be able to see well. Wearable reflectors are another good option for night riding, such as reflective jackets and reflective strips to attach to clothing and backpacks in order to make sure you are visible to motorists and other cyclists.

Final Thoughts

Safety equipment is critical to ensure your e-bike rides are fun and relaxing. After all, no one enjoys a ride that ends with cuts or broken bones. This is why it is critical to ensure you have all the proper safety equipment for every ride but remember that the most important piece of safety equipment is you. Make sure to always ride carefully and make safe choices, particularly when riding around cars and pedestrians.

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