3 Tips To Help You Ride Your E-Bike Safely And Effectively

3 Tips To Help You Ride Your E-Bike Safely And Effectively

Do you know how to ride an electric bike? While that might sound weird to answer, it is important that you do before jumping on and letting loose on the throttle. Sure, it is fun to ride a bike, but despite their obvious similarities, an electric bike is a little different than a traditional bike. This is thanks to its pedal-assist nature and its electric motor, both of which can drastically make the riding experience quite different from the normal bikes.

So, how do you ride an electric bike? Here's some tips to keep you safe while riding your ebike:

  1. Always Start Slow

When it comes to riding an electric bike, this is the most important thing that you should keep in mind. We know that you are excited and want to burn some calories, but do not get carried away.

You should always start out slow and at a low speed. This will help you understand how the bike works and ensure that you are comfortable as well. After a while, you can increase the speed as you get more comfortable.

If you are getting a bike for the first time ever, this is a good way to get used to the bike and ride it and work on your balance. Practice starting and stopping without the throttle first and then you can begin to use the throttle. Once you get the basics down, you can try some more exceptional speeds and see just how fast you can go, reaching new pedal assist levels.

Some e-bike riders find it enough to stay in the lower levels and that’s fine too. Getting somewhere quickly should not always be your main goal and you can see a lot more if you are cruising along at lower speeds. 

Always be sure to adhere to speed limits on trails and slow down when you are passing others where there are narrow pathways.

  1. Be Careful Of Surfaces

If you are riding an electric bike, you will want to give extra care to the surfaces that you are riding on. Although you are riding a bike, there are some specific things that you will have to keep in mind.

For starters, you will have to be careful about the traction on the surfaces. If you are getting into the electric bike for the first time, you will want to start off with a bike that has smooth tires. If you are riding on rocky areas, you will want to ensure that you have tires with a little more traction. The Espin Flow has thinner tires while the Espin Nesta and the Espin Nero have fat tires, meant for more kinds of terrain.

One of the best ways to get traction is to have a bike that has wider tires. They will help ensure that you have better traction, which in turn means that you will be less inclined to slip or fall while riding.

Another factor is the weight of the bike. While some electric bikes are quite heavy, there are some that are quite light. You will want to start with the lighter ones if you are new. This is because they are easier to control and handle, which can go a long way in ensuring you do not fall or get injured while you are riding.

Just as with a regular bicycle, you will need to be cautious when braking on slick surfaces like metal gates, especially if it is raining. Slowing to a stop is always better than just jamming on the brakes to a complete stop.

  1. Respect The Speed Limit

This is one of the most important things that you need to remember. While the electric bike can help you get the speed that you want, you should not ignore the speed limit whether on the road, or on a trail.

This especially goes for the bike you are using. If you are using a bike that has lower speeds, do not try to push it past the limit. This will make the bike work extra hard and also cause wear and tear to the motor. The classification of bike you have will generally tell you the speeds that it can get up to. 

In fact, the motor can get damaged if you ride faster than you should. And while you will be able to go faster, it is not the right way of doing it. And in the end, all it will lead to is more issues, which can cause you to stop in the middle of your ride and get things repaired.

When downhill, you may go faster than your electric bike classification outlines, this is of course because of gravity. Therefore, it can be harder stop than you realize when coming from a decline so be sure to pay attention and tap the brakes now and then to slow down if you find yourself barreling down at uncomfortable speeds. 


There are a couple of other things you can do to make your driving experience better, such as getting a feel for the brake and driving carefully around cars. Regardless, the above tips will help ensure that you drive your electric bike properly, making the most out of the utility it has to offer and the experience it has to give!

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