How Ebikes Can Help You Recover From Your Injury

How Ebikes Can Help You Recover From Your Injury

After suffering an injury or undergoing an operation returning to an ordinary level of physical activity can be difficult and frustrating. However, abandoning your regular activity altogether can lead to a loss of muscle mass. Despite this, it is important to give time to recover in order to prevent re-injury on the way to recovery. This is where electric bikes can help by providing a low-impact exercise to work your way back to your regular routine at your own pace. Here are a few of the largest benefits that an e-bike can provide to the rehabilitation process.

A Low Impact Workout

Low impact exercises are a crucial aspect of recovery for those who have suffered from an injury because they do not place a heavy degree of stress on an individual’s bones and joints. As a result, they are often recommended to patients as an alternative workout to high-impact exercises such as running or most sports which can present a heavy risk of re-injury.

Low impact exercises can increase blood circulation and retain muscle capacity without causing injury or stress to injured areas. Those who have not previously performed significant physical activity can use low-impact exercises as a way to build muscle capacity and improve their range of motion as they recover and prepare for more difficult workouts in the future.

An electric bike can help you to recover from an injury by presenting an excellent low-impact workout. Just like regular cycling, it is non-weight bearing. However, unlike with a regular bicycle, the rider has the ability to choose just how much effort they put into pedaling. This means that it can help riders to recover from an injury at their own pace no matter how much effort they are able to put into pedaling. Plus, a high-quality Class 3 bike such as the Espin Nesta can allow riders to have the motor completely take over, and with fat tires to absorb some of the bumps and pits of the road or trail, they can prevent putting unnecessary strain on their injury.

Perfect for Injured Joints

For those with an injured knee or other joint many exercises can seem out of the question, particularly bike riding. However, with an ebike, nothing could be further from the truth. With a powerful 750-watt motor, an ebike like the Espin Nesta can allow you to pedal as much or as little as your joint can handle, providing a light exercise that is ideal for rebuilding strength and range of motion in injured joints. It is also possible to customize the controller setting to ensure that the motor output is customized to your abilities instead of depending on preprogrammed power settings. This ensures that the pedal assist and power settings provide just the right amount of support every time.

Mental Health Benefits

In addition to the physical benefits, exercise plays a critical role in mental health as well. Exercise helps to escape from focusing on the injury, stimulates the mind, and helps to build self-confidence. An exercise like cycling helps not only to provide the mental health benefits of exercise but also helps riders get outdoors and potentially grow their support network as well. Cycling is a great group activity, and there are many local cycling clubs that riders can join that can help to meet new people who can support them on the road to recovery. 

Greater Safety

Many exercises require a range of motion that can make it difficult or impossible to safely perform. With a traditional bicycle frame that requires riders to lift their legs over the frame to mount or dismount, it can be difficult for those recovering from an injury to get on the bike. However, with a step-through ebike like the Espin Nesta, riders do not have to lift their legs over a top bar. This is ideal for those who may suffer from weakness or injury in the hips, legs, or lower back.

Also, the riding position of a step-through electric bike places the seat and handlebars closer and adjusts the pedal position allowing riders to adopt a more natural upright sitting position. This places less stress on the hips and lower back and is more comfortable for riders. 

Regain Confidence

Often after suffering an injury, it can be difficult for individuals to regain confidence in their abilities. However, an ebike presents an extremely accessible way to begin a fitness routine while building confidence in their abilities. No matter their current fitness level, very nearly anyone can ride an electric bike and begin rebuilding their confidence. With time riders can see their ability growing and regain confidence in their own abilities. This will soon let them see that they can do anything they put their minds to and overcome any limitations their injury placed on them.

Make eBikes a Part of Your Injury Recovery Routine

Cycling has long been a part of rehabilitation routines for injuries, and ebikes offer all of the benefits of riding a traditional bike with additional safety and control. With the ability to adjust the level of power the electric motor provides, riders can prevent placing excessive strain or discomfort on injuries. As riders heal, they can adjust the motor’s power level down to increase the challenge of their workouts, ensuring that the workout an ebike provides can remain effective throughout the recovery process. This can help patients to transition back to their regular routine and help them to continue leading a healthy lifestyle.

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