City E-Bikes for Casual Rides - How to Find the Right One

City E-Bikes for Casual Rides - How to Find the Right One

E-bikes are getting very popular in big cities, and they may change the way we commute and live our urban life.

It’s a great tool for traveling short distances, getting to work, or going out for a coffee or a night out with friends. No more stories about overcrowded buses, detours, and your feet being tired from too much walking.

So, when you’ve decided to get an e-bike, here are some things you need to consider:

1. The Wheel Size

For city rides, the right e-bike is the one with either a medium or large wheel. Why? An e-bike with medium or large wheels will only require fewer pedal moves. A wheel that is between 24” and 28” is a good choice. Although there are e-bikes with smaller wheels that have 24”, they are best used for commuting, not for casual city rides.

2. The Battery Life

You don’t need an e-bike that has long battery life. An e-bike that can run 25-50km on a single charge is good enough for your city rides. However, you can find e-bikes that can last 100 km on a single charge. Keep in mind, though, the longer the battery life, the more expensive it is.

Additionally, longer-lasting batteries are usually heavier, which is something you need to consider carefully. When it comes to casual city rides, long battery life isn’t that important.

3. The Seat

When you ride your e-bike, you want to be comfortable. With this, you need to think about how comfortable the seat is. Make sure the seat is soft and comfortable. Oftentimes, the seats are replaceable and they’re affordable. So, if you purchase an e-bike and you don’t like the seat, you can replace it easily with something that suits your needs.

4. The Handlebar

When it comes to e-bikes, it is recommended to have a high handlebar, along with an upright seating position. With a high handlebar, it will keep your body upright, while the upright seating position will let you have more ability to look around when you’re on the e-bike.

5. The Speed

Electric bikes come at various speeds. It’s best to have an e-bike with a minimum of four electric assistance levels or speeds, which includes a zero speed when electric assistance is turned off. As long as your city is not hilly, this will be fine.

6. The Model

There are various e-bike models you can choose from today, which can be overwhelming. Moreover, since they’re becoming more popular, it’s likely you’ll be overloaded with too much information that could confuse you. However, remember that the model selection will vary depending on where you live and the availability and local dealers in your area. Of course, it’s best to explore newer models because they are the ones with better specs.


City e-bikes are becoming popular all over the world, but there are so many different models available; how do you choose? Consider these factors to find the right e-bike that will suit your city needs. Ride through the city with ease today!

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