Top 5 Ways to Stay Fresh after Riding an Electric Bike

Top 5 Ways to Stay Fresh after Riding an Electric Bike

Sweating on the road is inevitable when you’re riding an electric bike. It's one of the best forms of exercise, after all. However, there are effective ways to keep you from breaking into a sweat once you reach your destination.

This is especially helpful for when you ride your bike going to work or other gatherings. Some of the tips that you can do include:

Wear an Antiperspirant Before You Leave

Deodorants that work as antiperspirants contain aluminum oxide, which prevents sweat from developing. Wearing a deodorant not only keeps you smelling fresh but also helps keep you from sweating during your commute to work.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Drinking a cold glass of water before you head off to your office will help keep your body hydrated. You should also take a few sips now and then while you’re on the road. Once you reach your destination, just hop off your battery-powered bike and drink another cold glass of water.

Doing so will help cool down and rehydrate your body. When your body is hydrated, your sweat will also be clean and clear. This keeps bacteria from developing and causing a foul odor.

Remove Extra Moisture and Refresh Yourself

Whether you’re commuting or riding your battery-powered bike, it would be best to have a small towel with you to wipe away any excess sweat. By wiping away any extra moisture, you can stay refreshed throughout the day. You can also use baby wipes to make you feel cooler and fresher.

Prepare a Change of Clothes

There are instances where you sweat heavily during your commute or ride to your destination. If possible, you should prepare some spare clothes to change into. If you’re at work, you can leave these spare garments and shoes on your desk so that you won’t have to bring any extra baggage with you.

Prepare a sealable plastic bag for your sweaty clothes so that you’ll be ready to wash them once you get home. To prepare for the next workdays, you can leave your change of clothes for the next four days or so in your office.

Cool Yourself Down before Changing

Cooling down before changing your clothes is essential to prevent your sweat from latching onto your new clothes.

Wait for your body to cool down for a few minutes while still wearing your activewear or the clothes you wore on the road. After all, you don’t want your clean clothes to have sweat on them after changing.


Sweating during your commute or while riding a battery-powered bike is inevitable, but there are ways for you to stay fresh even after sweating. Stay hydrated, cool yourself down, and change your clothes as necessary. By following these tips, you can slowly build a fool-proof routine.

If you want to avoid commuting and sweating a lot, you can consider buying an affordable electric bike. Although there are still chances of you sweating, you can expect your body to be somewhat cooler and drier when you’re riding a battery-powered bike—there will be no need to put in much effort!

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