How Can You Protect Your E-bike from Theft

How Can You Protect Your E-bike from Theft

E-bikes are steadily becoming some of the most in-demand modes of transportation. In the U.S. alone, over 12 million e-bikes are estimated to be sold within the next few years. While this demand for sustainable transportation is good news for those of us looking for a eco-friendly way to get around, the demand for e-bikes has also caught the eye of thieves.

Since e-bikes are often stolen for their parts or to be resold, it’s vital that those who buy electric bikes also know about appropriate safety measures. Read on for some of the most effective ways you can protect yourself and your e-bike from sticky fingers.

Be Mindful of Location

This may seem like common sense, but where you park your e-bike truly does matter. If you’re using one of the best e-bikes on the market, the last place you’ll want to store it is in a crime-ridden part of town. Instead, find parking or storage spaces that are well-lit, away from too much traffic, and have an appropriate security presence.

If you’re at home, this could be your locked garage. Or, if you have a fold-able electric bike like the Espin Nesta, then it might make more sense to store inside your home, especially if you have a shared or open garage. Backyards may seem safe but can be easily broken into and your bike can be gone in no time. If a backyard or side yard is your only choice - lock it to something to at least act as a deterrent.

If you’re out and about, the safest place to leave your electric bicycle could be a dedicated bike rack next to a guard or watch person, or in a heavily trafficked area. Doing this will deter thieves who want to avoid being in places that may expose their criminal activity.

Look before deciding where to park. Many transportation systems have lockable bike storage right outside the station or bike racks in the parking structures.

Invest in Quality Locks

As thieves get more sophisticated and daring, flimsy bike locks will no longer cut it. Instead, put your money into getting heavy-duty locks. The best locks out there should be made of a thicker alloy and harder to pick.

Aside from this, you should also use not just one but several locks. The more locks a would-be thief sees, the less confident they’ll be to target your e-bike. With more locks, you can also specifically safeguard the various components of your bike. After all, it’s not unheard of that thieves will still steal individual parts they can access.

When you lock up your bike, try to also be mindful of where you’re locking the e-bike onto. Ideally, you should be locking your electric bike to solid things like metal posts, concrete barriers, steel meters, or large trees. Anything that can be cut, pried, broken through isn’t going to stop a determined thief.

Optimize Tracking Technology

One of the biggest benefits of choosing an e-bike is that it can support most electronic devices. This, notably, includes GPS tracking. On your e-bike, GPS is usually used to help you navigate. However, in times of trouble, a GPS device can also serve as an alarm.

Some GPS trackers will allow you to see where your bike is at all times, and they will inform you if your bike has been moved. To optimize your GPS, you’ll want to keep it in an area that is visible (this works as a deterrent) but hard to tinker with (so that it can’t be removed). Think places like the saddle or handlebars.


Electric bikes are an eco- and budget-friendly transport option. To make sure that you get the most out of your e-bike for many years, it’s essential to be equally aware of precautions against malicious thieves.

If you’re looking for the best e-bikes that can fit your lifestyle, check out Espin Bikes. We redefine urban mobility and better wellness with how you ride.

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