The Electric Mountain Bike - How to Fall without Getting Hurt

The Electric Mountain Bike - How to Fall without Getting Hurt

Electric bikes, which are also referred to as e-bikes, have become very popular over the last few years, and they are an extremely convenient method of transportation. However, it is also important to remember to be safe on an e-bike, as you should with any bicycle. One of the most dangerous things you can do on an e-bike is crash. Although e-bikes can help you get from place to place, they malfunction just like any other bike and can cause an accident if proper precautions are not taken.

The e-bike is an amazing ride, but safety precautions definitely have to be taken into account. After all, no matter how cautious a person is, accidents can still happen.

E-Bike Safety

Since the introduction of E-bikes, there are certain risks that the users take. E-bikes are new, popular, and cool. Whether it is for a daily commute to work or an exercise for riders, E-bikes have risen above traditional bikes. Those who pursue mountain bike activities crash and fall off their bikes and thus get injured. But to remain safe during the activities, one can wear protective gear.

When it comes to electric mountain bikes in particular, falls are likely anyway. Despite the fact that there are many energy-absorbing crumple zones, they still happen, usually in the form of a rider losing his or her balance and falling over.

This is a common occurrence even for experienced riders. For older riders at risk of injury from falls, riding an electric mountain bike can reduce their likelihood of injury.

Read on to learn more about how not to get hurt (or too hurt, at least) should you fall off a mountain bike:

Avoid Serious Injury & Hurt By Not Using Your Hands

Fall and recovery techniques are important in mountain biking because falls tend to happen high speeds and they’re very difficult to recover from. These techniques can be challenging, but they’re essential if you don’t want to get seriously injured. Kids learn to fall when they’re young by using their hands, but in mountain biking falls, your hands might be the thing that gets damaged.

If you use your hands when you crash, you could end up with broken wrists, elbows, shoulders, and more.

Avoid Serious Injury & Hurt By Wearing A Helmet

Wear a helmet when riding an electric bike. The helmet is not a fashion statement – it is there to protect your head and neck in case of an accident. Electric bikes go faster than regular bikes, so if you fell off the bike, you might be seriously injured.

In some states, helmet-wearing is so important that it's regulated by law. Electric bike speeds are much higher than the regular ones. If a person falls, there will be far more force involved. The helmet doesn't just protect the head, either: it also keeps the neck safe from serious injury.


Electric bikes have been increasingly popular over the years, including the mountain bike kinds. Safety is important when it comes to these bikes primarily because they're faster than regular bikes. This means falling off will likely cause more impact. Avoid serious injury and hurt by wearing a helmet and not using your hands.

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