How Electric Bikes Can Let You Spend More Time with Your Family This Summer

How Electric Bikes Can Let You Spend More Time with Your Family This Summer

Summer is a great time to spend time with your family, either on vacation or at home, and there is no better way to enjoy some quality time than on your e-bike. A family e-bike ride is a great way to connect with your family and the outdoors. Plus, you can get a good workout while making memories that will last a lifetime. So, let's take a look at some ways your e-bike can help you spend more time with your family this summer.

Accessories That Help You Bring the Family Along 

There are a lot of e-bike accessories to help you bring the whole family on your next adventure. Let's take a look at a few guaranteed to make your next trip more enjoyable for everyone.

Bike Trailers

Bike trailers make it easy to bring small children along for the ride, so the whole family can enjoy the fun. These trailers generally have two or three wheels and are attached to the back of the bike to tow along with it.

Bike trailers possess roll cages and covers to keep kids safe and secure from weather, grit, and bugs. Plus, when it's time to take a break and enjoy a stop, many of these trailers double as a stroller.

These have many advantages over children's seats for many riders, such as greater carrying capacity to carry diapers, toys, groceries, and anything you choose. Plus, the greater stability and handling can be great for the rider as well.

They are also safer for the kids; with their width, they are very stable, and even if they do topple, the kids inside will be safe due to the roll cage. Also, they are very visible, so drivers tend to give them more room.

These are somewhat heavier than child seats and create some pretty noticeable drag, but with some pedal-assist, these are an ideal way to bring along younger members of the family to enjoy the ride. Many of these trailers even have enough storage to bring along a small bike for your smaller family members to enjoy a ride and get back in the trailer when they become tired.

Kids' Seat

These seats are fastened to your bike to allow younger members of the family to enjoy the ride with you. Generally, these seats are fastened to the rear of the bike using a system very similar to the ones used to attach a rear luggage rack. Though some use a mount attached to the bikes down tube. There are also front-mounted kids' seats that attach to the top tube between the seat and the handlebar.

A kid's seat is a cheaper option than a trailer, and they require less energy to move. So,  in good weather conditions and for children of four years of age or less, these can be a good choice. However, before riding with a child, it is a good idea to get used to riding with a heavy load on your bike to adjust to the different handling as well as mounting your bike without accidentally hitting the passenger.

Generally, rear seats are more comfortable for longer rides because they don't force you to ride bowlegged, which becomes a pain after a few miles, but they do affect the handling more, which can make them worse for short rides. In the end, the style you choose may come down to which attachments your bike can support.

Whichever seat you end up choosing, make sure to get at least two attachments to make sure you and your partner can swap the seat easily. When you do ride, try to level the field between newer or stronger cyclists by having the strongest or most experienced riders carry the child seat most of the time and let the slowest cyclist set the pace for everyone.

Safety Gear

When riding your e-bike, the right safety gear is important, but when riding with kids, it's more important than ever. This not only guarantees safety for the kids, but it is also a time for everyone in the family to show their style, which can be just as fun as riding.

First of all, everyone will need a helmet. The most important thing about choosing one is making sure that the helmet has a snug, comfortable fit. Make sure the forehead is covered and the chin strap isn't too tight. Test it by slipping a finger underneath the chin strap while fastening it. Generally, you don't have to worry about ventilation very much for children's helmets as younger children don't generate very much heat.

Summer Cycling Outfits for Children

Your kids really don't need expensive cycling outfits to enjoy the ride. Try using light but not overly light clothing; after all, they will not get as hot as you. Try to make sure the arms and legs are covered to protect them from sunburn or apply sunblock liberally. Also, do not forget the back of the neck; this is particularly important for children slumped into child seats.

Using Pedal Assist to Keep Up with Your Older Kids

Often, it's hard to keep the whole family together when riding on regular bikes, but with an e-bike, it's actually easy. Anyone who's riding with older kids knows how hard it can be to keep up with them, especially if you're riding with older family members.

However, on an e-bike, a pedal-assist can help everyone keep up. Even if everyone has an e-bike, all you have to do is adjust the power up and down until everyone can keep up. 

Folding Nesta

Wherever you and your family go, storing and bringing along your electric bikes doesn't have to take up much space. With an Espin Nesta, you can fold up your bike for storage or travel. It is the perfect size for bringing on RVs, trains, or a road trip.

The Nesta has a 750W nominal and 1,000W peak output battery powering a rear gear hub-mounted motor that can reach top speeds of 25 mph for up to 40 miles of range. This compact mountain bike-inspired frame has fat tires to take on paved roads as well as the roughest trails. Taking enough e-bikes for the whole family has never been easier.

Final Thoughts

E-bikes are great for bringing the whole family together at home or on vacation. There's no better way for every member of the family to keep up and enjoy some wholesome fun. No matter their age, everyone in your family can enjoy the ride with this equipment or an e-bike of their own. So, make sure to bring equipment for the kids and enjoy any of these e-bike vacations or more this summer.

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