How to Find the Best e-Bikes That Match Your Lifestyle

How to Find the Best e-Bikes That Match Your Lifestyle

E-bikes are rapidly gaining popularity as a mode of mobility. They are a more accessible and speedier version of a standard bicycle.

 Where should you look to find a reliable e-bike at a reasonable price that fits your needs? As the market develops and more models are sold, there are more styles and brands than ever in the market.

Make sure to read this article to help you in choosing an e-bike that suits your lifestyle!

Are You Looking For An Integrated, Converted, Or Reseller Brand E-Bike?

Before getting into brands and manufacturers, there are a few things to consider regarding e-bikes. Integrated or ready-made e-bikes already have the battery and motor installed. Espin is an integrated e-bike company.

Then there's also the conversion kits, which allow you to turn your regular bicycle into an e-bike. This is an option is you already have a bike that you like or don't have the budget to buy a reliable e-bike right out.

The other alternative is to buy electric bikes from resellers who build them from catalog parts. However, there is a distinction: major company e-bikes often incorporate parts from five main businesses, such as motors and batteries. Shimano, Bosch, Yamaha, Brose, and Panasonic are among these companies.

Resellers rarely use parts from these companies due to cost concerns. As a result, it's often better to choose an e-Bike using parts from one of the previous five companies, as they are the most dependable, reputable, and powerful.

Another reason to avoid reseller brands found on online marketplaces is that quality and reliability may be compromised. These e-bikes are frequently assembled from various generic parts manufactured by multiple businesses. This can lead to a higher risk of bad work and, as a result, a greater possibility of failure.

Of course, with COVID-related shipping delays and a shortage of parts, even some major electric bike retailers have resorted to using less than reputable parts for their bikes without letting customers know. You should always inspect your bike when you receive it to make sure you're getting the parts (especially the battery) you were advertised.

Some companies like Espin, use proprietary parts. This means we work with manufacturers directly to develop motors and batteries direct to the specs that we give. This ensures quality and safety for our customers, as well as accessibility so that we're not constantly switching out brands like some of the bigger brands we compete against.

E-Bike Warranties

Another disadvantage of purchasing an e-bike from a reseller is that many e-bikes do not come with a guarantee or warranty, posing a major risk if something goes wrong.

If you're unsure about which e-Bike to buy or what kind of warranty to expect, keep in mind that the best-rated e-Bike brands will almost always provide you with a manufacturer's guarantee, which often covers spare parts and maintenance.

You can also often buy extended warranties or insurance if needed.

Before you buy anything, please read the warranty carefully to understand what it covers. Some warranties, for example, will cover material and processing flaws that were present at the time of delivery.

Another example is that some warranties only cover parts concerns for a limited time: bike frames, components, and replacement parts are sometimes only covered for one or two years after purchase. 

Due to installation faults, overheating, axle spinouts, water damage, and broken spokes are common motor difficulties. Apart from installation concerns, which are normally covered by warranties, frequent maintenance can help avoid these common problems from occurring.

Rest confident that high-quality warranties are affordable and will cover the majority of major difficulties you may encounter. However, before purchasing an e-Bike, it's always good to read the tiny print and discuss any concerns with your vendor.

The other important factor here is the electric bike company's customer service team. How quickly are you able to reach someone and get the answers you're looking for? Try reaching out to the brand's customer service team and ask some research questions before buying. Are they responsive, courteous and helpful? Espin's customer support can always be reached at hello@espinbikes.com . 

Bike Frames 

Bikes come in all shapes and sizes. Espin offers standard top-tube frame ebikes but specializes in step-through models like the Nesta, Nero, and Flow that are more accessible because they are easier to mount no matter your size, age, or mobility. 

Ebike frames also come in standard options or fold-able. Foldable options fold up into half for easy transport and storage so it's a great idea to thing how you would want to transport your ebike if you plan to take it with you on vacations or camping trips or something similar. The Espin 
Nesta, is foldable is case you want to see what it looks like.


Different Classes/ Types of E-bikes

There are three basic Class/Types of electric bikes:

1) Type 1 E-Bike: Pedal Assist, is an ebike which you must pedal in order to ride. It's just like a regular bicycle except there is a motor that senses when you are pedaling and kicks in to aid the pedaling effort. It feels like you have some extra help powering your bike. This class/type of E-bike may or may not have a throttle. (Pedal Assist, may or may not also have a throttle, Max. Speed 20mph, no need for driver’s license, no age limit.)

2) Type 2 E-Bike: Throttle Only, is an e-bike equipped with a motor controlled by a throttle. On these, you don't have to pedal for the motor to kick in. When you want power, just use the throttle and you'll get an instant boost of power. You'll be able to accelerate from stop which helps at stop lights and signs. Of course, the more you rely on the throttle, the faster your bike's battery will drain. (Throttle Only, Max. Speed 20mph, no need for driver’s license, no age limit.)

3) Type 3 E-Bike: Pedal Assist 28mph. this Class/Type is the fastest legal E-bike with a maximum speed of 28mph - though there are ways to modify that for speed-hounds. This type is still considered a bicycle and does not require a driver’s license, license plate, ect. By law a helmet is required due to the tope reachable speeds.  (Pedal Assist, may or may not also have a throttle, Max. Speed 28mph, no need for driver’s license, must be 17 or older, helmet is required.)


Lastly, price is always a factor. Plan your budget and be sure to only look for bikes in that range or maybe a little bit above if you plan to take advantage of sales.

Often there are sales throughout the year, peaking around holidays, especially Black Friday and December holidays. Signing up for emailing lists. SMS texts, and following brands' social channels are a great way to hear about all sales coming out.

If you're not in a hurry to get a bike, many companies, like Espin, do pre-order discounts so you can buy the bike at a lower price ahead of time if you're willing to wait a few weeks or months to receive your bike. Email lists and socials are also the best place to hear about these types of sales.


Once you've found the e-Bike perfect for you and your lifestyle, you'll be set to go. If you don't know where to start looking, there are a few bike review blogs such as Ebike Escape, Electric Bike Report, and Easy E-Biking that offer in-depth reviews of different models and accessories.

Another place to look for reviews is on Youtube. There are a lot of ebike reviewers who will not only review the bike but show you how to assemble it, ride-alongs, and a whole lot of other content. You can search by Brand (BRAND + REVIEW), model (BRAND + MODEL + REVIEW), or even a generic search like "Ebike Reviews" if you're really at the beginning of your search.

And of course, Espin Bikes are always a great place to start!

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