Why Some E-Bikes are Noisy and How to Choose One that Is Not

Why Some E-Bikes are Noisy and How to Choose One that Is Not

The popularity of e-bikes is mainly due to their modern design and relative convenience. The first and the biggest thing that makes them unique is that they are powered by electricity. A lot of people prefer them because of the ease and convenience they offer. People love that they do not have to pedal every time they need to move faster, and they also make going uphill a breeze.

Because they only require electricity (and some manual power) to get around, they’re increasingly becoming a popular form of transportation. However, some people still have reservations when it comes to e-bikes. They are significant investments, after all. One considerable concern is that some e-bikes tend to make noise.

Why E-Bike Motors Make Noise

The motor is where the noise of an e-bike comes from. The whole mechanism applies pressure on the bike. So, the more the pressure it exerts on the wheels, the louder the noise gets. That is why the material of the motor matters.

Another factor that makes noise is the speed since the higher the speed rate, the more pressure the motor puts on the bike. Many e-bikes have engines in the hub, which can add to the overall noise because of the freewheel.

The freewheel is added for the convenience of pedaling and the semi-automatic gear shifting. However, the motor puts a lot of pressure on the axle, and without the freewheel, the e-bike noise would be even worse.

The chain of the e-bike is another factor that can make noise as well. However, it is not a big issue as the chain tends to be quiet unless you have a worn-out chain. It is vital to take care of the chain and replace it / maintain it often.

Choosing an E-Bike That Is Quieter


The best way to ensure you are getting a bike that is quiet is to test ride it. Many companies like Espin, have a show room (ours is in San Francisco) where you can try out the different models before buying, but if you're not near the show room, you can also stop buy any of Espin's Dealer's around the US to see the bikes in person.  You can book a test ride or see the dealers here. 
If you are not near any places where you can check out the bike you want in person, Youtube reviews are a great research tool because you can see and hear the bike on video. Many reviewers will comment on the sound if quiet or loud as well. Or, you can always ask in the comments section. 


If you love the convenience brought by the bikes but are not too fond of the noise, you can always find a quiet model that suits your needs. The noise level might not be the most crucial factor when choosing an e-bike, but it’s certainly a significant consideration for many individuals. So, if you are looking for a quiet bike, you may find numerous ones on the market with other excellent qualities as well.

If you are currently choosing an e-bike to purchase, consider checking out Espin Bikes. We offer electric bikes with competitive functionalities at accessible prices.

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