4 Excellent Reasons to Purchase an Electric Bike

4 Excellent Reasons to Purchase an Electric Bike

What drives invention? Necessity does. In other words, the need for something is the driver of the invention. In fact, it is credited as the mother of all inventions. After all, when humans wanted to cultivate the land, they invented tools to help them do so. When humans wanted to hunt for food, they created hunting tools to hunt and protect themselves from wild animals.  

Over the years, many inventions came to stay, all to meet a specific need. One such invention is the e-bike to meet environmental concerns and more! In fact, it is through the trend of living a greener life that e-bike have grown in popularity significantly!

That said, there are plenty of other reasons to purchase electric bikes, and today, we're going to share those reasons with you:

1. They're Quiet

Are you worried about waking the neighbors up trying to drive your bike early in the morning or late at night? An e-bike can solve that problem for you. They emit little to no sound at all, simply because there's no loud engine to get the bike going, unlike traditional bikes. They still have motors built into them, but these motors use electricity and are extremely quiet! In other words, there's no sound pollution worry when driving an e-bike.

2. They're Affordable

While there will still be the initial cost of buying an e-bike that you need to overcome, they're a lot more affordable to own in the long run! Not only are they cheaper to buy in the first place compared to other bikes, but they're also cheap to run because you don't have to keep buying fuel. Another factor that makes e-bikes a lot more affordable is that there are little to no insurance premiums on them. Also, most countries do not require a license to drive an e-bike, cutting costs even further!

3. They're Easy to Maintain

As a whole, an e-bike uses much fewer individual and moving parts compared to motorbikes. This results in a package that is a lot easier to maintain. Of course, maintenance is still a must, but such maintenance efforts will only require you to have the bike's motor, electric system, and battery checked once a year.

4. They're Health-Promoting

E-bikes still require you to pedal much as a traditional bicycle would. The only difference here is that now you have a motor to make the bike move a lot faster. This might seem like a downside to some, but really, it is a great benefit. Putting your muscles to work can help improve your health significantly, allowing you to live a healthier, happier life.


As you can see, e-bikes offer so many benefits, from being affordable right down to being healthy. Of course, we cannot forget the fact that e-bikes are also incredibly environmentally friendly. As such, if you are looking for a transportation solution that is affordable, healthy, quiet, easy to maintain, and eco-friendly, look no further than the e-bike. There are many e-bikes to pick from as well, meaning that there's an electric bike out there that satisfies both your needs and your budget!

Espin Bikes is an electric bike brand offering high-quality, reliable, and high-performance e-bikes to cultivate greener living and healthier lifestyles. If you are looking for affordable e-bikes in the US, check out what we have in store!

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