5 Common Misconceptions About Foldable Electric Bikes

5 Common Misconceptions About Foldable Electric Bikes

Foldable electric bikes solve tons of transportation problems for people with a modern lifestyle. There are plenty of benefits that come from foldable electric bikes as a means of transportation. For one, it promotes an active lifestyle and can give you your dose of exercise. Plus, the fewer people using gas-powered vehicles, the lower the impact on the environment. Of course, these facts can be overshadowed by the misconceptions around them.

Here are a couple of myths debunked to ease any hesitation you may have on purchasing and riding a foldable e-bike yourself.

5 Myths About Foldable Electric Bikes Debunked

1. They Break Easily

Foldable e-bikes are manufactured by trusted bike makers. Many of them took years to design these machines perfectly. There was never the intention of creating bikes that break easily. The clever engineering can guarantee that your bike is made from quality materials that are durable and will last a long time.

2. They Are Heavy

Sturdy and high-quality materials don't always mean that the finished product will be heavy. Foldable e-bikes are designed to be carried around when you hop on a bus or train, necessitating lightness.

3. They Are Not Weather Resistant

The concern with e-bikes is if they can be used on rainy or snowy days. It would be foolish for engineers not to think about this as a possibility. Most e-bikes are made to be water-resistant. As long as you don’t submerge your entire bike in a flood, the battery will function just fine.

4. They Are Slow

Comparing the speed of an e-bike to the speed of other vehicles will automatically put it at a disadvantage. Without a doubt, bikes don’t stand a chance against cars and motorcycles when it comes to speed. But e-bikes will cut commute time if it’s just a short distance. And unlike cars, you won’t get stuck in traffic when you choose to commute this way.

5. They Are Expensive

E-bikes are an investment that will last you years. Money spent on it will be a worthwhile investment. They may cost a bit of money, but they will also last longer than a generic bicycle. It is also much cheaper to buy an electric bike over a gas-powered motorcycle or a car.


Breaking away from the norm is something that will always garner negative attention.

Foldable electric bikes are eco-friendly, promote an active lifestyle, and portable. These misconceptions are usually formed out of the lack of knowledge but the reality is far more practical. If you can’t afford a car and don’t have the time to walk everywhere, this type of bike is perfect for you. It can cut down your commute time by a fair amount

If you’re looking for a foldable electric bike with a reasonable price tag, try your hand at an Espin Bike. Our bikes redefine urban mobility by advocating a more environment-friendly lifestyle that cultivates the well-being of both. We also pride ourselves on the sleek and elegant design of each bicycle. Check them out today!

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