Protect Your Electric Bike against Theft with these 5 Tips

Protect Your Electric Bike against Theft with these 5 Tips

Whether you purchase an affordable ebike or a costly one, the mere fact that it is an electric bicycle makes it an excellent target for thieves. Because of how highly valued ebikes are and how they are often not built with anti-theft protection, it makes it easier for these bicycles to get stolen.

Similar to an ordinary bicycle, an ebike typically gets stolen in two ways: by having its parts scavenged or by swiping the whole bike all at once.

Now, if you plan on purchasing an ebike, you can protect yourself from any of these scenarios by following these five tips to keep your new ride more theft-resistant.

1. Lock the Parts to Your Ebike

You should lock the individual parts of your ebike to the bike as a whole. If you have accessories and critical components that aren’t secured, someone may be tempted to steal them as a consolation prize if they can’t get away with your entire bike.

Start with locking your ebike batteries, as these are the most commonly stolen bike parts. Aluminum and plastic case batteries are relatively easy to remove—you only need a screwdriver to bend the plate out of the way and instantly release them. Make sure your batteries are locked in place so no one will be able to steal them.

2. Choose a Locking Method for Maximum Destruction

You should ensure that you lock your electric bicycle in a manner that someone has to damage it first to remove it from its lock.

When locking your bike, pick an object or structure that is much stronger than both your bicycle and lock. Some good examples include solid metal posts, concrete barriers, streetlights, and parking meters. Never lock it on fragile objects such as a wooden post, chain link fence, or a tree that is thinner than your arms. The more difficult stealing an ebike is, the higher chance that the bike thief will eventually give up and move on.

3. Choose Your Company Well

If you choose to park your bike in a spot along with many others, a thief may find the best electric bike of their choice from there.

Whatever it is that makes a thief steal a bike besides yours will work. This can be regarded as a selfish approach to keep your ebike theft-resistant, but keep in mind that you can only stop thieves from stealing your bike and not everyone else's.

4. Camouflage Your Electric Bicycle

Camouflaging an ebike means making it look much less appealing than it is. This way, thieves will not waste their time trying to steal it from you.

You have many options to camouflage a bicycle into something that isn’t worth stealing. Some ways to do so include using scraps of duct tape, putting on fake rust paint or random bits of spray paint, and placing a grocery bag over the seat.  

5. Be Creative with Your Defenses

You may consider putting a fake GPS tracking sign on your ebike. You can download a logo from the internet, print it on sticker paper, and put it on a noticeable part of the bike. So when a potential thief spots it on your ebike, they may be fooled into having second thoughts about stealing it.

But then, you can also use an actual GPS tracking device for security. It’s a good option if you’re up for the extra investment.

Final Thoughts

An electric bicycle is a fantastic invention that makes transportation easier for a lot of people. But they are an investment, so it's essential to find ways to protect them from being stolen. We hope these tips can help you protect your ebike!

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