Best E-bike Vacations: New York Spotlight

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The only thing better than riding your e-bike at home is taking it to new places. With an e-bike, you don't have to be a pro-cyclist to enjoy a biking tour. When you aren't in the mood to do all the work, you can let the bike do it for you with either pedal-assist or throttle. 

This opens up paths and routes that would be demanding and even unavailable to some people. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be highlighting some of the best places to take your bike around the US - today we’re starting with New York.

New York

New York state has some of the most generous and well-established e-bike laws in the country, and luckily some of the best riding trails to match. From the scenic natural landscapes of the Great Lakes to the tight twisting trails of New York City's bike trails, New York offers trails to satisfy every e-bike rider.

Here are some of our favorite:

The Walkway Over the Hudson

This beautiful walkway is suspended 212 feet over the surface of the Hudson River. The bridge is the single longest pedestrian bridge on the planet, and it's freshly paved, making it perfect for e-bike riders.

This trail gives you an amazing view of the greenery and water visible below. The Walkway over the Hudson is a great place for the whole family to take a casual ride, including the kids.

The Great Lakes Seaway Trail

The Great Lakes Seaway Trail, more commonly known as the Seaway Trail, runs 518 miles primarily through New York State. This trail is a National Scenic byway connecting both the Niagara Falls and Thousand Islands region. This crosses hundreds of miles of beautiful coastline and historically significant sites.

This breathtaking trail is completely paved and will give hundreds of miles of smooth paved surface perfect for e-bike riding. This smooth and beautiful trail is so comfortable that the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company named it one of the Top 50 Most Comfortable Touring Drives.

Blue Mountain Reservation

The Blue Mountain Reservation possesses 1,600 acres of natural habitats in Peekskill, with more than twenty miles of trails designed for riders of all levels of skill. The trails are divided by color with yellow, orange, and red trails for beginner, intermediate, and advanced riders, respectively.

However, these markers were assigned with an ordinary bike in mind, so you might find that you can take a more advanced route than you expect. Though unfortunately, not all trails are paved, they do all host a beautiful array of habitats with scenic rock outcroppings and freshwater lakes.

Cunningham Park

Housed in the heart of Queens, New York City, Cunningham Park has an array of bike trails to satisfy bike riders of every taste. With sharp twists and turns, this isn't for high-speed riding, but you will be glad you brought your e-bike with all the stops, starts, and power climbs these trails can bring.

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