The Bike Paths of Portland

The Bike Paths of Portland

Biking has increased in popularity around the world and Portland is no exception. For us cyclists, it is not just about health and our environmental footprint, it is about taking the time to look at the world without a glass barrier or thumping engine. A peaceful ride in nature, solo or with friends, is always a good idea.

If you live in Portland, or happen to visit this buzzing hub, you are in for some fantastic bike rides. Portland is the largest city in Oregon, and it happens to be a sea port. So hop on your eBike and get ready for some incredible views.


Let’s take a look at some of the amazing bike routes of Portland!

Southeast Neighborhoods



Start at the Waterfront Park (Salmon Springs Fountain), located north of Hawthorne Bridge. This 13 mile-long ride takes you through the famous neighborhoods of the Southeast Portland, with a panoramic view of the stunning Willamette River.


The route offers you low street traffic, bike lanes, & off-street paths. Plus there are very few hills on this trail (though with your Espin eBike you wouldn’t feel them!).


North Portland Trails

Ride alongside the wildness of the Peninsula also brings. This flat course is 24 miles long and showcases Portland’s nature-in-the-city. There the magnificent views from Willamette Boulevard await you. Don’t miss Kelley Point Park and the confluence of the Columbia & Willamette Rivers! There are some great photo ops along the way. Check out the route play-by-play here.


The Big Eastside Trail Loop

We can sum this ride up in three words: Trails, trails, trails! This 51-mile-long flat ride offers a few stretches of low traffic streets & bike lanes, while highlighting the beautiful metropolis of Portland. Take a loop around downtown Portland, soak in the feeling of the city, and enjoy the ride along the river.


Portland’s West Hills

Want a short, steep, & sweet ride? Look no further than Portland’s West Hills. The first 4 miles of Montgomery Drive are so steep that the mountain biker within you is bound to be unleashed. Once you reach the top it will be worth it. You’ll be mesmerized by the sight of the Portland downtown area and the Tualatin Valley.

So here we have some of the best biking routes for Portland visitors. Portland residents, what are your favorite bike paths? Share them with us and we’ll add them to our blog!


Keep riding, stay happy.

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