4 Differences Among Electric Bikes - Which One is For You

4 Differences Among Electric Bikes - Which One is For You

For a long time, electric bikes were overly large, poorly designed, and prohibitively expensive. Gradually, that has changed. Today’s e-bikes are lighter, more alluring, and more affordable than ever. You don’t even have to be physically fit to ride one!

An electric bike gets you to spend time outdoors, decreases your carbon footprint, diminishes vehicle congestion, and, best of all, it is a breeze to use. If you plan on getting one, here are a few factors you have to consider.

1. Motor

The e-bike engine is what gives power to your bicycle. There are two sorts of e-bike engines: mid-drive engines and hub-drive motors.

A mid-drive engine is placed between the pedals at the foot bracket of the bike. It utilizes the bike drivetrain to exchange the motor’s control to the back wheel and move the bicycle forward. They come in many different sizes and weights, but they are commonly bulky. Due to lower unsprung weight and the capacity to utilize gears for hill-climbing, mid-motors are excellent for off-road and mountain e-bikes.

On the other hand, hub-drive engines are situated within the front wheel of the bike but within the wheel hub. Rather than putting the engine where the pedals are, hub motors are put into the wheel, making the contact between the engine and the ground closer. Having a motor within the front center essentially makes the bicycle all-wheel-driven, making it easier to ride on delicate landscapes.

2. Battery

The battery is one of the most crucial components of an e-bike because it will impact its speed and lifespan. There are two common types of batteries that can be used: Lithium-ion (Li-ion) and Lithium-ion Polymer (LiPo) electric bike batteries. Li-ion is a battery that can be constructed in various shapes and fit in more gadgets and additional spaces, such as the triangle space of bicycles. LiPo is a rechargeable battery that is cheap and generally simple to release at a higher C-rate, which can give higher control in a brief period, quick charge, and high voltage.

3. Frame

Bicycle frames are created fundamentally to suit a certain purpose. The most common types of frames of an electronic bike are folding frames which are flexible bicycles that can be folded to lessen their size. Cargo frames are bikes used to move heavy-weight objects. Step through is a type of frame that allows easy access due to its shape. The crossbar or hardtail is the most common type of bike frame. And Soft tail is a frame similar to the crossbar but offers full suspension on the saddle.

4. Features

Some crucial features you should look into are whether the bikes are throttle-activated or pedal-assisted. Another feature is the braking system of the e-bike, which varies depending on the manufacturer. Lastly, you should look into an e-bike’s speed. Generally, they range from 20 to 50 mph. The price of an e-bike depends on the many features it offers.


In short, choosing the best electronic bicycle is wholly based on your needs. Take the time to search and test various electric bicycles and see which set of specifications best fit your purpose, preference, and lifestyle.

If you are looking for the best adult electric bikes, Espin Bikes has a wide range of selections. By redefining urban mobility, we can transform our relationship with the environment and promote a lifestyle that cultivates the wellbeing of both. Check out our bikes today!

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