5 Reasons Analog Cyclists Should Give Ebikes a Try

5 Reasons Analog Cyclists Should Give Ebikes a Try

Since bicycles have been invented, they have been a part of many people’s lives – especially now that many are becoming more conscious about protecting the environment and opting for the benefits of cycling over driving cars everywhere.

When affordable e-Bikes have become a thing, some traditional cyclists are skeptical. Will it be able to deliver the very same things that you love with analog bikes?

In this post, Espin Bikes shares five good reasons analog cyclists should give e-bikes a shot:

E-bikes Allow You to Conquer Hills with No Fear

Hills are intimidating for bikers – even for seasoned ones. They’re also the reason new bikers hesitate to take cycling seriously. While there are a few who look for hills as they find them challenging and exhilarating, most bikers get tired at the thought of them. If you like biking outside but you’re not particularly fond of hills, an e-bike is for you as it eliminates the fear of not making it over the hill. What it means is you can ride any route or range because there’s no hill you cannot conquer with your e-bike.

E-bikes Make Commuting a Breeze

Many people are attracted to the idea of riding a bike to work until they’ve given it a try and find themselves sweating in a meeting and wondering all day if they stink. E-bikes minimize those concerns because e-bikes can take you to your work faster and with less effort. It also gives employees who want to save money on gas or public transportation costs the opportunity to pedal their way to work.

They Still Give You a Lot of Exercise

Don’t make the mistake of thinking e-bikes won’t do anything for your health. The truth is, they still deliver the benefits of biking, especially if you use them daily. And what’s even better is that it can give those with joint or muscle pains but still want to go biking the opportunity to continue doing what they love.

They Allow You to Go Farther

Many cyclists often stick to the same route because they don’t know whether their legs can handle farther destinations. Because e-bikes have battery-powered “pedal-assist”, you can be sure that you can take longer rides and reach new places on your bike. Its technology also gives you the confidence that you can cover more miles with less effort.

They Increase “Bike” Visibility

E-bikes are still bikes, and the more people there are on the streets riding them, the more motorists and pedestrians will be aware of bikers, and this can significantly reduce the risk of collisions. When there’s an increase in visibility, it’s also possible for the government to spend money on cycling lanes. While building the infrastructure first indeed increased ridership, having more people on e-bikes is another excellent way to encourage more cities to provide safer bike lanes.


As you can see, these are some of the best e-bike benefits that even avid analog cyclists can benefit from. If you are still on the fence about e-bikes, just think about how it’s going to make cycling more convenient for you and how it will make your biking workouts more bearable on days when your body is not that conditioned for some hard-core pedaling. If you haven’t given e-bikes a try, now is the perfect time to do so.

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