4 Common Misconceptions about eBikes That Need Debunking

4 Common Misconceptions about eBikes That Need Debunking

eBikes are a novelty for cyclists to have. A plethora of benefits accompanies owning one of these nifty electronic bikes. Riders will be able to travel further and faster requiring less effort while using a mode of transportation that will not have harmful emissions go out into the air. While these advantages may attract some cyclists to shift to using eBikes, these benefits may not be immediately apparent to some.

Another reason why many people may be hesitant to use eBikes is because of some of the untrue myths that are going around about these electronic bikes. This blog post is here to set the record straight about eBikes and why you may want to get one for yourself.

4 Common Misconceptions about eBikes That Need Debunking

You may have heard one of these myths about eBikes. Read on to find out the truth behind them and help you make a more informed decision about whether or not to buy one for yourself. 

1 - The Power Gets Drained Quickly

You may be thinking that when the power drains out, you will be stuck with a cumbersome bike that you need to ride or lug all the way home. However, the truth is that although these electric models may be marginally heavier than their non-assisted counterparts, it will still be pretty easy to pedal and ride them. When discharged, the top-of-the-line models will be lighter than 14 kg, making them around the same weight as most non-electric bikes.

2 - eBikes Can’t Help You Get Fit

Although electronic bikes will help you pick up and maintain speeds while riding, the term “electronically assisted” means that your legs will still be doing most of the work when you pedal. This means that you will still get a good workout even if you have some help from the small machine installed on the bike.

3 - They Are Complicated to Use


Many think that eBikes are complicated to use. However, the truth is that they are like any other type of bike. You get on and ride, and when it gets charged, plug it into a power source to replenish the battery life. If you know how to charge your mobile phone, it will not be difficult to get used to learning how to use an eBike’s charger.

4 - Using One Is Considered “Cheating.”

While it may be true that maintaining speeds while on the bike will be easier, it will still take effort on the rider’s part to get to those cruising speeds. As long as they aren’t used in competitive races, just for leisure and to get “leg day” exercises out of the way, using eBikes shouldn’t be considered cheating. 


Even if this list may not have all the myths you may have heard about eBikes, you will now know to take what you hear with a grain of salt. In a nutshell, getting an eBike will help you reach your health goals and will provide an easy and convenient way of travel if you are looking for a new way to get around.

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