7 Reasons to Buy an Electric Bike

7 Reasons to Buy an Electric Bike

Electric bikes are all the rage these days. It seems like every day, new e-bike companies are popping up with a variety of offerings. But what makes e-bikes so special, and why should you buy one? We’ve prepared a list of 7 great reasons you should consider buying an electric bike for yourself or a family member.

1. E-Bikes Can Help the Environment

Regardless of whether you’re buying an electric bike or a standard bike, riding any kind of bike is better for the environment than cars or busses. If you shop, work, or socialize close to home, why not take your e-bike rather than driving your car? You won’t have to worry about finding a parking spot when you can just lock your bike up out front, or bring it into the office with you, and you’ll feel good about your contribution to saving the earth.

2. E-Bikes Can Help You Stay Fit

Contrary to popular belief, e-bikes aren’t the same as motorcycles and electric scooters. Most e-bikes come with a pedal assist system, which generates power based on your pedaling the bike. This means that, at most pedal assist levels, you still have to put some effort into pedaling your bike to get anywhere. The pedal assist comes in especially handy when you’re faced with a hilly area, as it’ll help you climb hills with more ease than a regular bike. With continued use at lower pedal assist levels, your e-bike can help you get fit and stay that way!

3. E-Bikes Are Fun

Any kind of bike ride is a guaranteed great time, but riding on an e-bike can be a whole new world of fun! With the pedal assist and throttle systems on e-bikes, you’ll go faster than you may be able to go on a standard bicycle. You’re sure to have loads of fun whizzing around your neighborhood or nearby trails at top speeds with ease on an e-bike.

4. E-Bikes Can Help You Explore Your Surroundings

With an electric bike, because you don’t have to pedal as hard, your biking adventures can last as long as your battery does (and then some!) without fear of you getting tired or your legs aching. With your newfound freedom, you’ll be able to explore the areas around your town that you might not have been able to reach as easily on a standard bike. With the added bonus that some e-bikes can ride on a variety of terrains and can withstand the rain, you’re set to ride almost anywhere! You’re sure to discover some hidden gems as you explore new areas in and around your city.

5. E-Bikes Can Help You With Your Job

E-bikes aren’t just for hobby riders. Electric bikes have found a devoted audience in delivery riders and other career couriers. Drivers from food and grocery delivery services have switched to e-bikes in order to avoid traffic and make their deliveries faster. With an e-bike, you’re in the bike lane rather than having to stay behind cars, which significantly cuts down on the time spent at stoplights and stuck in gridlock traffic, especially in bigger cities. If you’re a delivery driver, you may want to seriously consider grabbing an e-bike for short-range or smaller-load deliveries.

6. E-Bikes Can Help You Meet New Friends

Riding your bike alone can be a peaceful, meditative experience, but what if you’re looking for a bit more of a social experience than that? Then hop on your e-bike and get riding with some neighbors, or a local bike-riding group! Many major cities and even smaller towns have online groups dedicated to helping bike enthusiasts meet up with each other and make new friends to ride with. Even when you’re not riding with a group, you’re bound to have someone stop you on the street to ask you a few questions about your sweet ride, and friendships can grow from there!

7. E-Bikes Are a Great Value

E-bikes, while generally more expensive than standard bikes because of their more advanced electronic components, are generally more affordable than electric scooters, motorcycles, and most used cars. Ebike prices generally range from $1,000 to $1,500 with bikes rarely going over $2,000. You can sometimes find lower-powered e-bikes for under $1,000! If you’re looking for a ride on a budget, an e-bike can’t be beat. And if you’re looking for an all-purpose electric bike on a budget, check out the Espin Sport, which usually goes for $1,529, but is on sale right now for $1,329! This bike is perfect for trail or city riders and is a steal with the current sale price!

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