Answering 3 Electric Bike Questions Before You Buy

Answering 3 Electric Bike Questions Before You Buy

There are many types of hobbies the world has to offer. Some people have a love of spending time hiking among the trees, while others find joy in collecting watches. However, very few hobbies come close to the simple pleasure of riding a bike.

Many individuals invest in bicycles to get them from place to place for different reasons. Some bike to eliminate commuting expenses, and others do it for the simple pleasure of exploring the outdoors. Regardless, much of that experience is attributed to the bike used, where a good bike will always ensure the best experience possible. 

That being said, new bikes, specifically electric bikes, are being introduced into the biking world. Since they are relatively new, you may have a handful of questions that need answering before picking one up. In this article, we will tackle common questions about electric bikes to help you make an educated purchase decision. 

1. Are electric bikes fast? 

If you have never ridden an electric bike before, it does feel like it is fast. However, this will generally depend on the bike you pick. Some are fast, and others are slower. That is because different bikes will have various components that will affect the speed of the bike, not to mention the feeling of how the bike accelerates. For instance, a bike powered by a motor may feel like you are being pushed, while a pedal-assisted bike may feel much more gradual.

Ultimately, the bike you pick is up to your preference, but giving these different types of bikes a go can give you a brief idea of what to expect.

 2. Is riding an electric bike easy?

 For many people who rode bikes before, an electric bike is incredibly easy to drive. All you need to do is turn it on, set the level of assistance, and you are good to go. Of course, for those who have not ridden a bike in a while or never rode one ever, the experience might be a little more nerve-wracking. Regardless of your skill level, be confident! Sooner rather than later, you will get the hang of getting from point A to point B with complete ease.

3. Can I test ride an electric bike?

Absolutely! Many stores allow you to test ride an electric bike. It is treated a lot like test-driving a car, where you are allowed to ride an electric bike around to get a feel of the bike before you make a purchasing decision.

Keep in mind that prior to the test, you will be asked for a few things such as your type of assistance, how long you want to ride, and the fit style of the bike. The store may even ask for your age, weight, height, and bike-riding experience. This will help them understand your needs and help you pick the right bike to satisfy your needs.


If you are looking for a convenient solution that will help you get around, an electric bike might be your pick! Not only is it great to get you to places you need to be, but it can be an excellent way to simply enjoy the outdoors without putting too much effort into actually moving around.

That being said, different electric bikes offer different features and, ultimately, experience. As such, carefully comparing different electric bike types is vital to ensure you pick the right solution that will satisfy your unique needs fully.

Espin Bikes offers electric bikes that redefine urban mobility, promoting a lifestyle that maximizes the wellbeing of bikers and the environment. If you are looking to purchase electric bikes in the US, check out what we have for sale!

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