Ebikes have become the New Golf Carts


Electric bikes may be new for many who are just getting comfortable with assisted pedaling and throttling up hills, but many early adopters have found new ways electric bikes can be utilized and the most popular adaptation yet is for golfers. If you're interested in buying an electric golf e-bike for your golf course fleet, keep reading this article.

Do golf courses allow electric bikes?

Golf carts began to appear on courses in the 1930's but did not gain widespread acceptance until the 1950's and were only used by those with disabilities who could not walk the entire 18 holes.

It was not until the early 1970s that gas golf carts made their debut and gradually gained market share. Today, golf carts are the standard for most courses seating 2, 4, or 6 golfers with their clubs.

Until now, due to the flexibility, portability of electric bikes, most golf courses use them as bag carts, allowing them to go where bag carts can go in normal course conditions.

Why are Ebikes popular with most golfers?

Today, electric bikes are welcomed by many golf courses and continue to gain popularity. While there are some bikes that are custom-built for the golf course, turning your e-bike into a zippy one-person, rideable caddy that can be rented from the pro-shop, many golfers prefer bringing their own bike and using an attachment to turn their bike into a personal caddy.

  • Great for carrying golf accessories

    One of the most popular attachments like this is the Divnick Golf's auto-pilot golf bag carrier which can be attached to any electric bike with a rear rack, such as the Espin Nesta Premium. This carrier pivots out your golf bag into a kick-stand, allowing easy access to your clubs and pivots back into the upright riding position when you're ready to move on to the next hole.

  • Lower costs

    You can transport your golf bag by purchasing or renting a golf cart powered by an electric motor. But the price of a traditional golf cart is very expensive.

    So, you have another solution that allows you to have a vehicle experience without draining your savings: a golf ebike.

  • Move with flexibility

    This advancement has helped to decrease the time spent at each hole as each person is able to ride straight to their own ball, while also providing an option to get some exercise while on the course for those who prefer to pedal between holes rather than use the assist.

    Because the carrier also sits on the side of the bike, many folks have attached a basket to the opposite side to hold the other golf gear you need to access at each hole like your range finder, water, sand towel, and scorecard.

    In recent years, some innovative companies have emerged that offer high-quality e-bikes that can easily carry a full golf bag. Next, we will introduce you to the best electric golf electric bikes.

The Best Bikes for the Golf Course

Step-through bikes rule the fairway when it comes to using them for golf. With 18 holes and a few swings at each, stepping on and off a bike with a higher set frame can get exhausting, especially for those who do not have full mobility.

Espin currently offers three different step-through frames such as the foldable Nesta, the fat tire Nero, and the zippy Flow. While the Nero and the Flow are ideal for those who have a bike rack. Among them, Nesta is the best choice for everyone. It has the following three advantages and is perfectly suited to the needs of most of golfers:

  • Flexibility

    Nesta is accessible for everyone as it folds up neatly and can be taken to the course in your car, right next to your car, right next to your ebike golf clubs.You can jump on and off the bike easily thanks to its step-through frame anytime. What’s more, the low center of gravity makes for a comfortable, well-balanced ride.

    Foldable electric bike-Nesta
  • Stability

    The ebike weighs less on the grass than a golf cart, and its own gravity is partly shared by the fat tires, so it has less resistance on the course and stability is guaranteed meanwhile. Suitable for all types of terrain, making the ride smoother and more comfortable. With a suspension front fork, you have the perfect combination of performance and durability, which allow you easily go up and down the small hills.

    Electric bike with fat tires
  • Effortless

    The Nesta features a 750W geared hub motor with a maximum speed of 25 mph. The 5-level PAS allows you to choose a thumb throttle or pedal assist to start the golf ebike, giving the ebike little leg power to run.

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